Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Immune system re-boot?

So I'm sick.  Bleh.

This culminates a fortnight in which Boy was puking and had diarrhea for two days, then, Daddy had ditto. Bitty and Bulk and Fiver have been caughing, snotting, and snorking all over, then, as a grand finale, my bub with the best immune system, THCTD fell ill yesterday.

Now I'm sick.

It used to be that this was not a remarkable occurance. Now it is. And that's why I feel compelled to blog about it.

See, I used to be ill all the time. From a small child I had asthma and fell ill with any little respiratory bug that so much as stuck it's germy wee tongue out at me.

As an adult, as recently as two years ago, I would be guaranteed to get very sick three or four times a year.  And I mean the works: stuffed head, sore throat, clogged lungs, coughing, no voice, miserable!

And ... now I don't. What changed?  Was it dropping out of the outside-the-home workforce? Nope, did that 5 years ago.  Was it losing a tonne of weight? I'm sure that helped, but two years ago I had already dropped 100lbs (I've only lost 55 since then).

So what happened?

I gave up grains and sugar, fruit and starches.  I started eating simple, whole foods consisting of animal fat, meat, fish, eggs, real butter, aged cheese, heavy cream, and fresh cruciferous and root vegetables.

It took me about 8 months to realise that I had not been ill in a while.  Now, over year later I've noticed that even if I do get a sniffle, I get over it quickly.  Used to be that even if I didn't get desperately sick with a cold, it would hang on and hang on for weeks.

So for what it's anecdotally (is that a word?) worth, there it is.

I talk all the time about how much I enjoy how I eat now. How wonderful it is to never be hungry, to never crave anything, to look at the bank of candybars at every Wal Mart checkout with bored eyes.  I adore eating huge steaks, fatty pork chops, big fresh brown eggs, steamed cauliflower drenched in butter, jumbo shrimp, and cabbage fried down in bacon grease in the traditional *drool* Southern manner.

I look forward to eating but don't obsess over eating any more. I am free of calorie counting and feeling horrible and guilty.  And best of all, I anticipate living like this to a ripe, crabby, old age!

Is my new good health an indicator that I'll get to see 80 years old as a lucid, active, guarrelous old dame?

I think so!

What do YOU think?  Has your health improved on a Paleo / Primal / Whole foods diet?  Or any other?  Dish it!

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