Saturday, January 02, 2010

New decade Quickie!

Good morning!

How can it be 2010 already?!  It was just 1982 a few years ago and I was graduating from Blacksburg high school (Blacksburg VA, home of Virginia Tech, Go HOKIES!) with absolutely NO idea what I was going to do with my life!

Oh, wait ... not much has changed.


Sorry for the long absense. As is common in my life, everything fell down and went boom all at once.

Not only did I have to endure repeated exposure to crowds of people in social situations, which makes me crazy anxious, and put up with the Christian Consumer Holiday crap, but everything else went balls up.

At one point - mid holiday - all three of our working automobiles were, erm ... NOT working, which is a teensy problem since we live way out in the backwater have no family nearby who can ferry us about.

To make the problem worse, both vans had multiple problems and we ran out of hay (which we need the truck to transport).

Add to all of this that my cheque for December (from my business - my 'paycheque') got LOST ...

Well, you get the picture.

Anyway, we're getting it back together, one van is fixed (yay!), and the other is in the shop awaiting mechanical love. The truck is in the fixing queue and one of my fulfillment companies (CafePress, the one whose cheque got lost) did an incredible job of scrambling me a new cheque (cut same day and overnighted - Cafe Press WIN!), so we're just fine.

The children had a wonderful holiday, got gobs and gobs of great toys, plus we're all warm, safe, and healthy, which is, really, all that matters. :D

Happy 2010, everybody!

Just had to share this with you:

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ai can haz as my permanent avatar?


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At 9:49 am, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Happy 2010! May all your mechanicals work, may all your loved ones be HEALTHY (I'm talking to YOU, Bodog!), and may all your goats stay in their fucking pens!

Love you!



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