Friday, February 05, 2010

Loving this new Paleo blog

I am totally loving this blogger whose post was featured here yesterday!  That'd be Doug over at Health Habits.

He is actually a personal trainer who endorses the Paleo style diet(!)  He has written a brilliant post called What Kind Of Paleo Are You? that is a much better version of my Paleo Page (and I'm thinking of just linking to his on my page).

I was impressed that he sussed out most of the permutations of Paleo and I'm really glad to see someone point out that the Paleolithic / primal / neanderthal / caveman / whatever you wanna call it diet can be modified to suit everyone's needs and still be GOOD for you.  You don't HAVE to crouch in the corner of your kitchen and eat raw meat with your hands (have you ever noticed how superior some of those strict paleo folks are?  They love to sneer at the rest of us on forums, have ye noticed? Yeah, I've noticed, too.)

So, let's see, I'm a Paleo, plus dairy, minus nightshades, fruit, and new world veg.  Woot!  Subcategory FTW!


PS: check out the obesity by state graph.

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