Thursday, August 25, 2011

Casting call

So, aprapos of nothing, my husband (of 10 years), Bodog, and I are sitting around - as we do of an evening - watching a few minutes of a film and we get to talking about what if they made a movie or telly show of our lives.  Well, between the two of us we decide that he, Bodog, should be played by Dane Cook and that I, Blue, should be played by Denis Leary (my own suggestion: Denis and I share MUCH the same general outlook on life and, uh ... vocabulary).

Yes, that would make us a gay couple, so what?

ANYway, the thought of Dane Cook as an overworked middle school teacher was hysterical and Denis Leary as a work-at-home spouse who spent his day designing t-shirts and googling pictures of Zachary Quinto and Tom Hiddleston ... well, that's just classic!  They could totally adopt five kids, five dogs, and five cats (our current IRL total of kids, dogs, and cats) and it would be PERFECT!

Why did I decide to share this with you?  I dunno. But wouldn't that be a funny film or sit-com? I should work in Hollywood.

So, who would play you and YOUR significant other?

PS: LOL!  Just noticed that the sentence "Googling pics of Quinto and Hiddleston" sounds like I meant Googling pics of the two (insanely attractive) guys in question together. That was not what I meant, but I'll admit that surfing slash is exactly what I (or a gay version of me) would be doing.  I'm sure there's some Sylar x Loki slash out there!  My question is, with all the Loki slash art available (and some of it quite beautiful both aesthetically and emotionally), why can't I find any Loki x Black Butler slash art?

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