Monday, May 08, 2006

The bee's knees ... are tasty

My baby tried to EAT A BEE!

I am not kidding. We were all out in the backyard enjoying a lovely day Friday when the Incredible Bulk, with his finely developed pincer grasp, plucked up an unfortunate bumble bee who happened to be, erm ... bumbling by, and attempted to pop it into his mouth like so much floor candy.

"Wow, what a pretty, bright, bite-sized crawly thing. I wonder what it tastes like?"


Fortunately, he had no other reaction save the swelling and redness and that was gone the next day. I offer the following pic as proof that, while he may not be 'normal', at lest he's OK:

"Mini devilsfood cupcakes taste better than bumblebees any day!"

Yes, he very often sits in his highchair with his foot up like that; yes, he is quite filthy; yes, that is an Auburn shirt. I'll bet in 18 years or so when he's an undergrad at Auburn he'll look eerily similar to this very pic! War Eagle!


I do not beleive in 'lessons' of any sort (or organized sports for that matter) for pre school-aged children. This is just my opinion and I know a lot of parents feel differently: flash cards, homeschool-type lessons, structured pre-schools, pee-wee sports, etc.

I think children should be read to, encouraged to play, given some discipline and responsibility, and taught some manners in their first 5 years. They have 12 years of formal schooling to teach them the other stuff.

That being said (and done), Boy reads quite well - three and four letter words mostly - and can read whole books (Go Dog Go, for example) as long as he can sound out the words. He writes as well but his penmanship isn't at all good since we don't 'work on' it. I just give him pencil and paper - or his magnetic drawing pad - and he goes at it.

His latest amusement is forming words and sentences with his brother's blocks:

I was quite proud when he showed me this. (he carefully pointed out the 'DVD' he spelled at the top, as well) He's not quite up to Julia's son, Patrick's speed, but I'm pleased and had to brag just a little.


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And last but not least, let me direct you toward a few bloggers whom I am reading right now. Please note: these are by NO means the only new blogs I've found! This is just the first handful of white chocolate M&Ms that I pulled from the bag ... so to speak:

-Macboudica of Boudica's Babies. I love this chick. I'm serious. I just love how she puts words together. Politically she's left of me but I can still see her from where I'm standin' and it's all good. She writes some terribly thoughtful and provocative posts of which I am jealous.

-Michele over at Mommycakes. Now this is a lady who will open up her mouth (or her blog) and say anything that she thinks needs saying. I just adore that. But, unlike myself who can go from zero to RANT in a sentence, Michele seems always poised and articulate while being frank and to-the-point. Did I mention how much I adore that?

-Contrary, she's just so very ... what can I say? She's totally outspoken, whimsical, and slightly odd. Gee, that sounds like someone I know!

-Sharpie of Not Winning Mother of the Year. Sharpie makes me totally laugh and if that's not her actual photo in her banner, well, it should be. Yet another chick with no blogging inhibitions (can you tell I admire that trait?), she's always running right on the manic edge of reason and having a fine time doing it.

-finally Rebecca at NinePoundDictator. I returned to Rebecca's blog the second time because of her deliciously idiotic annonymous commentors. Rebecca is a columnist and author and has a lifestyle that some folks seem to love to hate. I find her funny and insightful and ... aw,hell, who doesn't love to snigger at Comment Trolls?

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At 8:27 am, Blogger Michele said...

Aw, shucks Blue. Thanks for the high compliment! And right back a you!

At 12:32 pm, Blogger macboudica said...

Thank's so much, Blue!

A dog of mine ate a bee once. Her whole face swelled up. Fortunately, there is an emergency vet about 2 blocks away. After a couple shots of Benedryl she was fine. Good thing Bulk didn't get a reaction!

The bee, the cat food, the crayons...but not a chicken dinner, never that!

At 10:57 pm, Anonymous Contrary said...

I ran over here so I could link your mommyblog to your name in my latest post (because if my stepson clicked on thelink to your other blog I would have a heart attack and die right then and there) I saw this and..well, aww.

Thanks! I liked all the adjectives you used for me(my favorite was 'whimsical', as I never think of myself that way)! I appreciate the mention. You know I be loving you too.

At 10:59 pm, Anonymous Contrary said...

OH! And I was so taken aback at the niceness that I forgot to say how glad I am that the baby is suffering no ill effects from the attempted consumption of the bee.

Wow, could I be any shallower? Probably not, but I'll certainly give it a shot.

At 2:58 pm, Blogger Sharpie said...

Aren't you sweeter than honey!! Thanks for all the nice words.

At 3:00 pm, Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Yay! Great ode!

And your poor, poor baby! (But so adorable, still, even in such challenging circumstances.)


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