Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday #2

Well, here it is, Self Portrait Tuesday and I can't find my freakin' camera!

(No, this isn't some lame cop-out, I swear! I really can't find it.)

So I'm gonna limp through this Tuesday with this pic:

This is my mother, the Original Thrifty Mom, and my oldest daughter, the Human Crash Test Dummy. I think of it as a snapshot of the past and the future journeys of my genome. I look very much like my Mum only not as good. And fatter. Much fatter.

Oh, and my nose is huge.

Anyway ...

Here are the May challenge questions from Self Portrait Challenge:

-How do you spend your weekdays?

Not cleaning my house.

-Who lives in your house?

Myself, Evil Genius Husband, Boy(age 4), the above pictured HCTD (age 3), Bitty Girl (who does the best Evil Laugh in the world, age 2), the Incredible Bulk (keeping the floors clean of edible refuse for 11 months now), three dogs (Baz, T, and Molly), two cats (Abe and Johann), two Budgies (Ewan and Deirdre), and assorted spiders, 'cause I love spiders and I don't, erm ... clean.

-Favourite pastime and worst job

Fave pastime is ... blogging I guess. Worst job was working night shift in a convenience store in Conway SC for this Whisky Tango old bastard who fired me because I organized the cigarette cartons. He simply piled them up on a shelf so if someone asked for two cartons of Camel unfiltereds, you had to hunt around for the second one because they weren't together. It was the only job I was ever fired from.

-Why are you doing self portraits?

Because I have a terrible self-image and thought this would help. I think It's just made me realize just how unattractive I am. I mean, a pic of me a 1200 pixels wide? Ew!

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At 4:15 pm, Blogger macboudica said...

Cute picture!

I definately do not spend my time cleaning the house either. Except in emergencies.

One of my twins eats like the Bulk! He just shovels everything in. Reduces the need to vaccuum on a regular basis, which is nice. The other is a slow eater, savors everything, and takes darn near forever to finish his food.


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