Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Degrees of separation

Aaagh! I'm reading too many blogs! I swear I'm reading over 35 a day.

Now, I'm a fast reader, but this is insane.

All you funny, talented bloggers STOP THIS INSTANT! Leave the internets right now!

I blame Tertia, since it was she who decided to let us all list our blogs and tell a bit about ourselves. I found twenty to read immediately (I judged them by their own description. V. Interesting that. There were quite a few who, when I got to their blogs they were much more - or occasionally less - interesting than I originally perceived), then blog hopped from their blogrolls, and so on.

It's fascinating to me how one can go from interesting, like-minded, blogger to totally-not-my-style blogger in a few hops. Just because you like a blogger doesn't mean you'll like a blogger that blogger reads.

Political content is a good example. A large number of bloggers that I read are liberals. I don't know why this is. Is it that women tend to be liberals, or that bloggers tend to be liberals? I don't know (or care). Everyone is entitled to her opinion and is entitled to voice it, especially on her own blog.

Being liberal doesn't preclude ones being witty or funny, or having suffered infertility as I have, or raising small children as I do. Besides, as a Libertarian (albeit right-leaning), I agree with some of that stuff, but politics makes me itch so I don't like reading about it all the time. If a liberal blogger I like goes all Chicken Little Borealis on me (The sky is falling! The sky is falling! I'm moving to Canada!) my eyes glaze over and I just click away. Come back tomorrow. No prob.

But then they'll have a link in their sidebar to another, more liberal blogger, and then that one will link to an even more liberal blogger whose ratio of funny, clever stuff to spit-when-they-talk political rant is low. This is fine, of course, but not what I prefer to read, and I got there in a few hops.

I just find that cool and interesting. We all have our different styles.


In the interest of completing my list from yesterday (or starting to) I went on a haircutting rampage. Boy looked like a rockstar.

Gene Simmons?:

M*rilyn Mans*n?:

And afterwards as His Own Self (right out of the shower):

I still can't quite get the front right. Part of the problem is that he just wears it kind of brushed straight forward ("brushed" is probably not a really accurate word to apply here, but ...) and I HATE a fringe (bangs). Perhaps I could begin parting it ...

"I'm gonna strangle you for doing this to meeeeeee!"

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At 12:58 pm, Anonymous stacey:) said...

aww, he so cute! He looks a lot like your EGH;) yes?
Gene Simmons lol! I just love the way my (bigger) little boy looks after a hair cut, so neat and tidy... for a few minutes.

At 3:50 pm, Blogger Michele said...

Cute kids!

At 10:15 am, Blogger Zach & Brie's Mom said...

35 blogs a day to read is exactly why I love Google Reader (, which I just started using a few weeks ago. I'm still reading a lot, but I'm not spending time visiting blogs if they aren't updated.

At 11:46 pm, Anonymous alchemist said...

Agree about the political blog thing. I frequently agree whole-heartedly with a blogger's politics (mostly lefty myself), yet wish they would blog about something less boring and irritating. One of my favorite blogs (Making Light) is about SF/Fantasy books half the time, and politics the other half...very annoying.


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