Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Self portrait Tuesday #1

Yeah, yeah, so I cheated! I warned you not to expect too much. Gratuitous adorable baby notwithstanding, I am in the shot! Look there's my horrid ugly fat foot. Right there! Blech!

I always fancied it looked rather like a manatee's flipper. Which is in keeping with the rest of me. Girl's gotta match, right? If you're keen on seeing more of me you can go to Blue's Blog (Mature audiences ONLY) and see my list of " six more things than you really wanted to know about me" meme and the photo of my weird fingers.

Anyway, in the interest of starting small (babysteps as Flylady would say!) here's Six Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Blogging:

1) Finishing my pen for my baby geese. My baby turkeys are arriving next week!

2) Cleaning my bathroom. I mean .. ew. I should be ashamed, especially after this pic of Linda's bathroom (not counting the loo paper). It looks as if you could eat off that floor!

3) Cutting my son's hair. He looks like a hippie and he's complaining about hair in his eyes. I just so hate cutting his gorgeous hair!

4) Doing something about the Jungle Shrubs in my front yard.

5) Get my tools and finally fix the phone line from the box. I got two new (retro, baybee!) phones and all my phone lines have been torn up (by me) for years.

6) Shelves in the library, shelves in the library, shelves in the library!

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At 3:49 pm, Blogger Michele said...

A picture of a sweet boy with gorgeous eyes like that trumps a self-portrait any day!


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