Friday, May 12, 2006

A dirty post

*NOTE* In the interest of furthering the cause of the Great Mommy-Blogger Love-In 2006 we have been given a task by HerBadMother to spread the bloggity love with lavish links to our fave bloggers. Michele started us off, and even though I have (ironically) just done a Blog Crush List, I have sprinkled some more of my faves throughout this post. If someone is linked, it's a blogger I love and read, and again, this is nowhere near all the ones I read daily - just a few more white chocolate M&M's from the bag.


Today I will clean my bathroom.

Really, when you look at your bathroom basin and think: "The children cannot brush their teeth this morning. This sink is revolting" then you, sister, need to clean your friggin' bathroom.

I don't know what's up with me and cleaning. If it weren't for Flylady and the rare visitor, my house would be like Howard Hughes' hotel room. Without the genius.

Take the babies (please! Hahahahahah! .... What?). They spend an appreciable amount of time pretty cruddy ( I said it a whole lot more purty in a comment on Laid Off Dad's blog, I think I described it as a 'patina of filth'). I just hosed off wiped down the Incredible Bulk - he was achieving layers like an archaeological dig site - and discovered a happy pink teething baby underneath the grime. Who knew?!

Part of the Bulk's dirt problem is that 1) he's mobile (no more staying on the nice clean, uh ... clean ... uh ... OK, there's not anywhere 'nice and clean' in my house, but you get the drift), and 2) he's self feeding (the definition of which for an eleven month old is: snatching up the entire mound of scrambled eggs off your plate and shoving it in the general area of yer gob), and 3) it's warm out, so we're out, so he wanders about, writhing up under the deck, tasting various shades of dirt, getting licked by dogs, having his sisters put sand in his hair, etc.

And we're not big on baths, either. Not that we walk around stinking up the place (this last sentence is null and void when applied to Evil Genius Husband on the week-ends or during school holidays) but I do NOT bathe my babies every day. They bathe when the need arises (read: they're so nasty and wild-haired that I begin mistaking one for the other and have to identify them roughly by height as compared to nearby pieces of furniture.)

So today I WILL clean the bathroom. It's either that or the CDC breaks down my door and you know what a bother that can be ...


Tid Bits:

I want to direct you to a good post by Evil Genius Husband over on his blog. It's about his responsibility to provide a good example to his kids (both the kids he teaches and the kids he raises) by doing his job, even if they don't like it, even if he doesn't like it:

"It's our job to show them that you can be patient. You can plan ahead. You can follow the rules. You can do all of these things and still be a child, and still have fun..."


I want to thank everyone for any and all comments and suggestions about my kitchen woes. I am moving the discussion/experiment/project/debacle over to my farm blog since that's where I generally agonize over house stuff. Please join me there because, I've! Made! A! DECISION!

(I ... uh ... think)

I'm at that crossroads where Time, Money, Desire and Fate collide (strangely, that happens to me often) but at least I have some starting ideas (thanks to you guys). Rock on!

Or in the words of the Incredible Bulk :"EH! g'Morgh!" *

(*which may translate to "More qagh, Mother!" ... I'm not sure.)


And finally: My Boy and Bulk about seventeen years from now, in May, the few days before Mother's Day. (*smooches* to Sheri at Days of Deerledge for this link)

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At 2:53 am, Anonymous Heather said...

They make white chocolate m&m's??? I must hie myself off to the nearest wal-mart immediately! By they by, your eyes are beautiful!! I too generally only list my hair as the attractive part of me...

At 8:54 am, Blogger Michele said...

(read: they're so nasty and wild-haired that I begin mistaking one for the other and have to identify them roughly by height as compared to nearby pieces of furniture.)

hahahahahhahahaha - laughing my considerable ass off over that line!! My boys arent daily bathers either. Every other day, unless one of them gets what we affectionately refer to as "swamp ass".


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