Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quick post this morning - UPDATED

I know you all dashed over to my store yesterday and bought yourself T-shirts, right? Right?

What if I beg? *makes puppy dog eyes*

Oh, fine. Very well. Take a shufti at these T-shirts then. They're for an excellent cause (better than the Help Keep Blue in Benadryl for her Bee-Eating Son cause) and are by that Horkin-est of chicks: Sherry, (one of my fave bloggers, and sister of Sharpie, mentioned below).


Speaking of helping me out, I am desperate for advice on what to do with my kitchen. Seriously. Check it:

No, that wasn't the errant fingers of a toddler that did that. It was me. I'm just bloody sick of it, folks!

The cutesy flowers, the 'country' border, that gag-worthy bright yellow paoint! What colour is that anyway? BILE? (no ... that's green ...) JAUNDICE?


So I'm determined to change it. Here's a little idea and where I need your help:

I have bells hung on my back door because 1) I inexplicably like bells, and 2) it lets me know - at the other end of the house - if anyone has opened the door. Well, the brass bells have rubbed the paint off the doorjamb:

I saw this and thought: "That looks kinda cool. Kind of a distressed, vintage look that spendthrifts drop a wodge of cash to get on cheap new furniture so that it will look OLD"

I think I like the juxtoposition of the jaundice yellow with what appears to be white-trash-spandex-capris turquoise blue that the previous-previous owners had.

So. It woul be v. easy for me to lightly sandpaper the yellow and get that bright, distressed, aged, whatever look.

My questions are: 1) what colour do I paint the walls to go with it? and 2) is this a really really bad, tacky idea (so much so that I should just go buy paint and repaint everything?).

Be honest. I seriously need some hints here.


OK, that's it for today. I'm off to get my follow-up mammogramme at the big scary cancer breast center. I'll attempt to update later today.


UPDATE - The boob squishing went fine, they had a technician on-site who read the x-rays and, after three films and an ultrasound, they decided that I have ... a lymph node. That was it (and it looked pretty damned scary up on the screen, too. To me, anyway.) So aside from my getting teary on the sonogramme table (I'm used to getting to see a baby during these things), it was uneventful and I was shooed away with vague smiles and admonitions to get another mammogramme next year.

PS: thank you for the well wishes and the kitchen suggestions! Keep those decorating tips coming. I'll try to explain what I want a bit better later. I've had another idea (more ominous music) ...

PPS: Grammar Nazi's bugger off. I was in a hurry.

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At 8:21 am, Blogger Michele said...

Good wishes for you on the mamm o follow-up. And I am so remiss on not mentioning yesterday how incredibly gorgeous the bee-charmer is - those blue eyes, scrumptious!

I already bought a Horkin original this week. I need to limit my shirt purchasing to one per paycheck. I'll check you out next time.

How about a red kitchen? Then the door in white again? Not a fan of the turquoise/yellow - but I do like a distressed look. I know, not helping much....

At 8:44 am, Blogger macboudica said...

As bad as your kitchen is, it looks like Better Homes and Gardens next to mine. I do think the distresses look is cool though.

Good luck with the tests today.

At 9:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The distressed look is okay but I say just start all over with your own tastes. You mentioned the tackiness of the blue paint below the yellow (and I agree) so chose some colors that mirror your tastes (or better yet, let the kids help you look at colors - would be interesting to see what thier tastes are!)

As for the bell rubbing off the paint, put a piece of plexiglass on the door and shorten the rope on the bell so it won't swing as wide. That should help with some of that trouble!

Good news on your mammo....

At 10:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i say get rid of the look and start from scratch. I have a yellow kitchen but it is more "mustardy" looking. In fact, my whole house was yellow when we moved in--pale yellow hallways, yellow bathrooms, yellow kitchen, bleh! A bit much for my tastes. Enjoy your recreation.
Hope everything goes well with your test.

At 1:16 pm, Blogger Anna said...

Good luck on your mammogram, I was thinking of you and wondering when that was going to be. Fingers crossed for you.

I'll bite because I love decorating. Let me see if I got this right: You were thinking of sandpapering the DOORFRAME, so you have the original yellow with turquoise showing through on the DOORFRAME only. Am I right? In which case, your safest bet would be to choose for your walls a shade that is close to either of these two colors, but that you actually like. I'd go and get samples for various yellows and blues, paint various A4 pieces of paper, and stick them next to the doorframe. The color that is more sparce in a room will pick up the "tone" from the more "dominant" color (the wall color, in your case, since there is so much of it!) For example, I have a dark brick colored sofa, and some cushions on it that have blue and orange stripes, but by virtue of being on the sofa, the stripes actually appear sort of red... They coordinate, even though they wouldn't, normally.

I hope that made sense :) I think it's a cool idea, personally. And you could throw some red accents in there (table cloth? cushions on the kitchen chairs? Bread bag?) so that you can have a primary color cottage-y theme going.

(Sorry if I'm totally out of line, I *said* I love decorating ;))

Hope the Bulk is ok. Poor thing, I shouldn't be laughing, but that bee incident was too funny.

At 1:16 pm, Anonymous stacey said...

here's hoping for great news on your mammo.
Ahhh, spring cleaning-fever! I have it too. I'm planning my plan of attack for my favorite place in my home-my giant kitchen.
Sadly my almost perfect kitchen is also--yellow. I think we need a support group--or a lot of paint. Ugh! I hate wall paper! My kitchen has 2 walls covered with the evil crap. Oh and can't forget the red counter tops (WTF?)

Skip the distressed look. After all if you're going to paint the walls anyway, fresh paint right nexted to the old stuff...ehhh no.

Not that you asked, but my kitchen will be painted blue:)


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