Friday, April 13, 2007

Just when I got the floor clean ...

So ... our guest cancelled at the last minute (not saying it was all her - she sent an email to Evil Genius Husband but he never checks his work email). So I'm a bit relieved and a bit miffed (since I spent the entire week feverishly cleaning).

The upside* is that the babies have been ill - Boy started vomiting on Wednesday, the Human Crash Test Dummy followed suit yesterday morning and Bitty chimed in by noon. Subsequently I'm v. happy that we didn't inadvertently expose anyone to the crud.

And my house is cleaner!
(That's Abe - remember our two house cats? - attempting to nap. Poor things put up with a lot of irritation from the babies, so they're super laid back cats, and I was taking advantage and amusing myself whilst sorting socks by lobbing each sockball at his head. As you can see, he was terribly stressed by the whole thing, lol.)

Back on the subject of this illness; it's weird. It's struck one child at a time, they begin yarking without warning, then a half a day later seem to feel fine. Bizarre.

I've been desperately trying to keep Fiver from getting it (obviously) and I had hoped Bulk had missed it, but I'm pretty sure he was feeling puny last night.
I hate it when the babies are ill. :(

The stock sale is today and I'm toying with taking the camera. NOT specifically to get snaps of people, but just to show a bit of atmosphere for those on the internets who've never been.

Hmmm ... still thinking about it.

And now a random, gratuitous baby pic to make you go: "Awwww!" Fiver has begun social smiling:

Is it just me or does it seem like all he needs is a pointy felt hat and he'd look like a garden gnome?

*by 'upside' I mean that I'm glad it showed itself so that I could cancel, not that yarking partially masticated carrots is good in any scenario.

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At 1:56 pm, Anonymous stacey said...

Garden gnome, lol. That's what we call my sister's husband.

Fiver is a cutie! What a great smile.

If you take the camera, are you going to snap a pic of the lovely bloke in pressed denim?

At 5:13 pm, Anonymous mrschili said...

Oh, MY! How gorgeous that kid is! I was laughing about this post, though - I can't bear puke, and I shudder every time you tell yakking stories. Here's hoping you and Fiver (and EGH) avoid it!!

At 8:52 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

On the plus side of all of this, at least you got your house clean, and this before the yark-storm hit!

Hope everyone's better by now....

+1 re that fella in pressed denim! We want pics! :-)

At 9:35 pm, Blogger Danielle said...

I love garden gnomes!!! I left three in Seattle when we moved. I didn't think that they would like the climate change and two of them weighed over 100 pounds each. LOVE THEM!


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