Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The most boring blog post evar

So, I promised to post pics of the zebra cake.

And I've been trapped in this house, working on my stores, cleaning, and dieting all week so absolutely nothing interesting has happened to me. Nothing blog-worthy. So this is all ya get!


The Human Crash Test Dummy wanted a zebra cake. I let her pick out what flavour of cake and icing - she chose a dark chocolate cake and white icing:

Then, whilst everyone napped I baked it, iced it, and outlined zebra stripes with chocolate chips:

I thought the look was interesting with just the outlines, but I had planned to fill in with icing, coloured sugar, or something. Well, while at the Piggly Wiggly I found a product called a 'Jimmy'. They're those wee coloured candy sprinkles. I never knew they had a real name.
They had a chocolate colour that exactly matched a chocolate chip. Sold! But then, while attempting to actually apply said sprinkles to the cake i discovered, to my horror, a basic truth:

Jimmies are EVIL.

I thought they'd stick to the icing. Uhm ... NO. The simply rolled everywhere. Everywhere they weren't supposed to be. In desperation - nap time was almost done - I ended up chasing down each errant Jimmy, by hand, with an artery forcep.

Eeeeeeeeeevil Jimmy being properly restrained:

The results were satisfying, if exhausting. This is the cake with the stripes about 75% filled. looking a bit more zebra-ish!

Aaaaand here's the happy end result:

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At 8:11 pm, Blogger Zach & Brie's Mom said...

I worked in Busch Gardens one high school summer in the soft serve place, and while I learned how to throw jimmies on a 9" soft serve cone, it's not a talent I ever hope to use again.

Jimmies are evil.

At 9:13 pm, Anonymous mrschili said...

Oh, MAN, Blue! You should have asked ME! I'm a native New Englander - we KNOW those things are called Jimmies! (and we also know they're evil. Get those things in your teeth and they NEVER come out!)

My daughter asked for an ice cream cone with Jimmies on it in Florida once, and the girl with the scoop looked at her as if she were covered in purple spots and speaking Latin - she had NO idea what Punkin' Pie was asking for, until I translated with "sprinkles." We chalked it up to being a New England thing.

We Yankees also have subs (often called "hoagies" or "grinders" in other parts of the country), ice cream drinks are called frappes (pronounced "fraps," and they're very different from milkshakes around here), and the bubbly drinks are soda (not "pop" or "tonic"). We also use "wicked" as an adverb.

I LOVE regionalisms!

At 10:36 pm, Blogger Danielle said...

So what did you call them before? I grew up in the Northeast and we always called them Jimmys. Hmmmmmm? Just sprinkles?

The cake looks great. I'm so not able to do anything with baked goods. But I am getting better at making the pizza cake. You know, if by better you understand that the red parts are really pink and the white parts are really gray. Much better.

At 12:31 pm, Anonymous stacey said...

hmm, I'm from the NW and have always known they're called Jimmies, carbonated sugar filled beverages are sodas.
I know the difference between a milkshake and a frappé as well.
I feel so 'in' now, lol. Someday I will get to visit the East coast and I'll skip the Jimmies on my ice cream;P

Blue the zebra cake is great! I'm sure HCTD loved it. You've got your own little party there everyday. They're all so sweet and I can't believe how big Bulk is!

At 1:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an awesome zebra cake!! I hope the birthday was happy!

"Sprinkles" are what I have always called those sugary topping things. NEVER heard of jimmies! Thanks for the new info.
I also say "coke" for any type of carbonated drink.
South Carolina Native


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