Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An appropriate post title this time!

LOL, I just realised that the title for the last post made no sense! I had started a post, then changed it, and never changed the title. Did you wonder where all the monologue-y stuff was? Or just figure I was being a spaz as usual?

I wanted to clarify something about my last post (aside from the apropos-of-nothing title); I am NOT opposed to organized play in any form. Not at all. I am opposed to it in the absence of unfettered running, jumping, kicking, climbing, colouring, pretending, reading, etc. (Many of you already echoed this sentiment in the comments.)

I have a problem with parents deciding to sign their kids up (esp. wee kids) for things because "everyone else's kid is in soccer", or "it'll teach him to be competitive", or "she'll love it after a while, you'll see! I loved dance!" then failing to see the signs of their child not really wanting to be there but doing to please them or because they think they have to.

If my kids want to play organised sports (later) that's cool. Play in the band? FAB idea! Take acting lessons? I won't stop 'em.

I even intend to insist that my children participate in certain things. How's that for parent initiated, lol? One is formal swimming lessons. I feel that that is a necessary skill.

I just object to the poor kids who are scheduled to death with too many activities and/or guilted (sometimes unintentionally) by their parents into competition at something. Parents fighting at t-ball fields? Kids who don't have time for homework because of schedule conflicts? Children as young as four with repetitive motion sports injuries? Kids who are stressed, eat poorly, and do badly in school because they spend so many hours on the road between activities and coming home late because of them?

No. Bad. Sorry. V. v. bad.


Well, i am prepared to maybe, kinda, sort of, tentatively say that perhaps I might be losing weight again. I'm a bit mystified as to why. I tried eating (as you all said) and my weight didn;t budge one iota. So I went back to NOT eating but increased my water intake to five 20oz bottles per day of plain water (in addition to the approximately 23 Diet Cokes I drink per day and the occasional flavoured water). I also started some v. light weight training - seriously, I'm using 5lb hand weights and doing a TEENSY bit of upper body stuff. (I'm not strong enough to do more than a few sets of 10 reps.)

I hesitate to try floor exercises because, as funny as it seems afterward, it's almost impossible for me to get down on the floor - or, indeed, back up - with my knee. I can't physically bend it more than 90 degrees and I can't kneel on it. Ouchie! Makes me hurt to think about it.

At any rate I'm down 11lbs since the last plateau and now hovering here. Trying to think of what to do to jump-start myself again because I'm only 40lbs from my target weight (not to be confused with my goal weight (180lbs - the weight at which I look good) or my 'ideal' weight - the weight that all the books say I should be - a laughable 140lbs.

Sorry experts, I'm a big, strong type of girl with huge boobs. I look FAB at 180lbs. If that's 40lbs overweight then too effin' bad.


Last thing, just a teensy wee geekgasm: did you check out my favicon next to the URL for my blog? How cool is that? Can you tell what it is?

It's a dumpster.


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At 2:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You rock! I am the mother of five, and as you know my children (except Baby JuJee for now of course!) are athletes. They play on sports "teams" (I use that word extremely loosely nowadays as they really are GOI's Groups of Individuals!) and have observed amazingingly scary episodes of overcompetitive parental actions starting with CHEATING and team stacking at t-ball, parents who SABOTAGE other children's equipment and most shocking, reputations, and coaches that purposely bench better players so that their son/daughter/other relative won't be outshined. RIDICULOUS.
SO my beautiful, talented 6'6" 14 year old son is now so wounded emotionally and psychically that he would rather go play church softball than play on his Babe Ruth team!!! At church softball they appreciate his talent, they apologize when they are wrong, and generally act like true sportsmen!

He has found a niche playing a stand-up string bass, and is working out with a fabulous sport science guy who "gets" it and has helped Tiny to see through the crap and into his potential.

Too bad the sports "leagues" that are supposed to be MISSION STATEMENTED on this premise couldn't do that.

I belive that the types of things you do will be the best for your kids.

It is SOOOO hard to fight a corrupt machine. We tried to get rid of a stumbling drunk abusive Little League coach and were personally attacked and our child black balled.

True talents will prevail!

That is the end of my soap box narrative for this early morning!

Kiss them babes and let em play Blue! You Rock!

Tiny 14
Tink 12
Wiggies 5 1/2
Beffers 4
JuJee 8 months


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