Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blogging fool, me!

Don't ask me where all this energy came from. Perhaps low blood sugar will do that for you, LOL. (We just watched The Devil Wears Prada where Emily discusses her diet: "I don't eat anything, then, when I am about to pass out, I eat a cube of cheese." I am so starting this diet tomorrow.)

I went dump diving today and got some fab stuff! Here's Bulk with some of our finds (he's guarding "MY tuk!"):

Better pics of the wooden box, which is an old silver chest, on my Farm Blog (and another good pic of Bulk).

Boy made an ecstatic accomplishment today. He climbed a tree all by himself:

He was SO thrilled and his sisters were really jealous.

Aaaaand an obligatory Fiver pic - all crumpled up asleep:


The store blog has also been updated in case you're interested. (Sorry, let me drop some links here for the search engines:) We have what you need for fans of Cthulhu, comic geeks, teachers, and those in need of snarky maternity tees and baby gear!

And, yes, the only blog I didn't post to was Blue's Blog. But don't worry, faithful fans of the rude and off-colour ... I have some good, vitriolic posts in mind.


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At 7:59 am, Anonymous mrschili said...

I mean, really: your kids are cute and all, but I'm holding out for the rude and off-color....


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