Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ugh, ugh, ugh

What a depressing week!

It seems like the bad news never ends.

First the website that does fulfilment for my t-shirt and gift shop suffered a server failure and lost a number of my images. It happened to everyone and they're rushing to correct it but it sucks all the same. Folks go to my shops and encounter empty sections. All I can do is wait.

Then my FIL falls and breaks his hip. Double ugh. He's older (about ten years older than my own dad - which is ironic because I'm ten years older than Evil Genius Husband - his dad got started late, mine got started way early) but that's not it. He's not exactly a doddering old fart, he just tripped and fell on his concrete drive. But it blows just the same. Fortunately he'll not need a hip replacement: they're just going to insert a pin.

Then EGH discovers that he is required to complete several courses/workshops/etc to renew his teaching licence and he was totally unaware that he HAD to. Now he's upset and scrambling to find out what the heck is going on. Turns out he was supposed to have an advisor ... but he has no idea who that person is or what is required. Now he has to do all the leg-work to straighten things out. Triple ugh.

THEN i find out i made a grievous error in some important official paperwork (no, not our taxes, lol, but good guess) and I've had to backpedal and apologise for being a spaz and try to get things straightened out. Let's just say it involves insurance. Quadruple ugh.

And then there's Virginia Tech.

This horrible incident (I can't bring myself to say the 'M' word) has upset me to the core. First off as a mother - i cannot fathom the pain these families are going through. You send your baby off to university and something like this happens. I just cannot cope with what these mothers (and dads!) must be feeling right now.

Secondly, because that school means so much to me.

For those of you who do not know, my dad graduated from Virginia Tech. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Hokie (right after being a Gamecock). i graduated from Blacksburg high school! I lived there for several of the very best years of my life.

It just hurts my heart.

This school is isolated and rural (it's a cow college) and the town is tiny and serene. I used to walk into downtown as a teenage girl. I used to ride my horse onto the campus. i went unescorted to late night showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show and played Ms PacMan and DigDug shoulder to shoulder with college students at local pizza places.

I learned to drive there. I got my first job there.

That a madman would crop up there is almost unthinkable.

I guess folks can go insane anywhere. Anytime.

It makes me want to keep my babies at home with me forever. I guess that's not gonna happen, eh?


While I'm venting let me say this: I'm effing sick to death of the media identifying this psycho as Korean. Who freakin' cares? His race is immaterial. He was raised here. He went mad and killed a load of people. Crazy knows no sex or colour or social stratus. He was mentally ill. A nutbag Homo Sapien.


Blimey. Tomorrow has to be a better day. I have my post partum doctor's appointemnt tomorrow (with much gripings: still having a discharge, still battling thrush). Perhaps I'll be able to regale you with idiots-in-the-waiting room mundane reports.

One can only hope.

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At 7:13 am, Anonymous mrschili said...

"Not as single spies, but as battalions."

It does seem that there's a lot of unhappy going around. It may just be because our proverbial pump has been primed by VT, but it may not...

I feel for EGH - tell him I said so. I'm VERY conscious of keeping up with my professional development requirements to renew my 5-12 license, even though I'm not actually USING my 5-12 license at the moment. Playing catch-up sucks (and is expensive)!

You're right - the media needs to let go of the kid's ethnicity; it is completely immaterial to the topic. Not only that, he identified himself as an American; so should we.

Here's hoping your doctor's appointment yields good, funny stories. We could all use a little funny right about now.

At 2:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. Who cares that he is Korean? It's not like they ever say, "An Italian man mugged an Irish woman today" Why is this relevant? The media just blows things out of proportion.

Krista BBC Feb 02 kampo/shefreezestime/Mommy'sLoveGoesWithYou


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