Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well it's been a hectic few weeks!  I thought I'd catch everyone up.

Besides my being hella busy - as always - I've had a fully toddling Fiver, Bodog ill, petrol stations out of gas, hay and grain still at record highs, a new haircut, a decision for whom I'm voting, and I managed to take one of my famous tumbles.

Yeah, I fell.

I know those of you who know me are familiar with my penchant for hurting myself, usually in the barnyard, with or without various hand tools.  Well, this time I managed to fall inside the house.  No, I didn't go down the steps, though I've fallen down both sets before.

I was walking my supper plate and glass back to the kitchen, actually.  Now, our hall is long, narrow, and dark (and cuz it's my house; cluttered) - it was originally the covered porch that connected the house to the detached kitchen.  I have a lamp out there from when I needed to see when I put in the new water heater and I hooked my foot in the cord as I was walking.

Well, because of my bum knee, when I fall, I go down like a building.  So I fell, sprawling face first in the hall.  Remember the glass and plate?  I landed on my right forearm (never let go of the glass) and raised a hoematoma the size of a half a baseball between my wrist and my elbow, and the plate (a heavy ceramic dinner plate) hit the floor, broke, and cracked me across the bridge of my nose.


Aside from the broken blood vessel in my arm, I had an inch and a half long gash across the bridge of my nose!  The next morning I had two lovely black eyes.  I looked like a prize-fighter.

And, yes, I had to go pick up my children from school like that. Jeez.

The weird part is that it took me several days to decide that I had also broken my nose.  It was swollen up hugely and painful for days afterwards and I just thought that was because of the cut, but 3 days after I fell my nose was STILL so tender that if I touched it it almost brought tears to my eyes!  It also crunched, which was really creepy. That and the black eyes convinced me that it was broken.

So, uh, yeah.

I think I might need to be wrapped in bubble wrap.

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At 3:33 pm, Blogger Kathy Harrison Fuller said...

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At 3:35 pm, Blogger Kathy Harrison Fuller said...

Oh Blue!

I'm so sorry you're hurtin! ((((HUGS))) I hope that didn't hurt :-)

Congrats on the fully mobile fiver! Damn them - they HAVE to grow up huh? My fiver just turned two and my oldest just got his driver's permit! Dear God I am not OLD enough to have a child that drives!

Hey - did you ever see the movie Little Giants? The kid with the allergies that was a preemie and the Mom brought him to football wrapped in foam to toughen him up? That's what you need to do! Wrap yourself in foam!


Have a better day and try to relax!!!!


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