Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is that all you got, universe?!


So, apparently we were behind with the Gods of Happenstance on our Agony Dues and are now being properly caught up.

Got home Monday to discover the heater running, the house freezing, and a horrible chemical smell all through the house.

Took the furnace (it's an ancient gaspack) cover off, tested the fan (which tends to stick), rang the gas company to be sure we were green, checked all the electrical junctions.  Well, it's got gas, got spark, fan works, and it will fire up ... but then the flames go out and it just blows cold air (and gas?!) into the house.

So the heater is broken.  We've been getting by on a small electric space heater and the wood stove (which is in the kitchen - opposite end of the house from the bedrooms).*

Is there some universal rule that All Bad Crap Must Happen At Once? 

The medical bills just started coming in and the prescription costs have been eating us alive. Just the cost of the strips Bodog needs for his blood tester (he must check his blood 4 times a day) is astounding.

My truck is acting up, my tractor won't stay cranked, and the roof still leaks.

Hmm.  I guess it could be worse ... the chainsaw could be broken. ROTFL!

OH, on the subject of Bitty and school, I got some pics of her at the end of the day her first day:

She did quite well and was eager to go back.  She did, however, have a meltdown yesterday.  I'm trying not to stress about it, but it was so painfully clear that it wasn't a 'normal' kid reaction to the situation (some other classmates had been rewarded with Smarties for good behaviour and Bitty, not understanding why she was excluded, had had her typical reaction: cry, then shut down like a switched-off robot.)

I suppose that both she and I (and her teachers) will learn more every day how to cope.  I hope I won't fret myself into an ulcer before then. *rolls eyes*

*We do have a parrafin (kerosene) heater for emergencies but, 1) it triggers my asthma so badly that I'm miserable whenever it's on and 2) I will only have it in the mud room (which has a concrete floor and a high ceiling).  I absolutely refuse to run it anythere else in my 140 year old tinderbox of a house.  Wood frame, wood floors, ultra low ceilings?  Nope.

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At 2:45 am, Anonymous loretta said...

Hey, you dont know me and I dont have a blog so I cant link to you directly. So for now I guess Im just a stalker. But anyway Ive been reading your blog since around the time you got pregnant with Fiver.
With what all is going on for you and your husband now Id like to help a little.
Its not much but Im constantly getting glucose monitors and in between 10-50 strips with each kit.
Id love to mail these off to you. I have enough machines and kits right now to get him through a month at least.
I know you wont like the waste of the machinces themselves but when they come free to me to evaluate and free to you, I hope you will allow me to mail them to you. Just make sure your husband knows that he doesnt have to use the pink ones, he can take the strips and needles out of one box and use them in the other machine.
I will only send you factory sealed boxes, otherwise itd be creepy and dangerous. Although its a federal law that a hospital has to give you needles free of charge. So you only need the strips and machines if its not compatiable with yours.
Id have prefered to email you directly but aol wasnt showing me your entire email address. My email is So if you want them just email me an address to send them to.


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