Sunday, June 12, 2005

Morphine ... goooooood

Yes! I have returned! *waves* I have a gorgeous-but-crabby baby boy, some pain, grotesque swelling (ugh!), and about 600 lbs of spare fat hitching a ride on my arse. GLEE!

So, let's talk drugs, shall we? Cool.

I get something in my spinal with every c/section called Astromorph (which sounds suspiciously like something out of Star Trek). It's "a narcotic agent for post operative pain control" basically a time-release synthetic morphine.

I looooooooooooove this stuff.

Love, love, looooooooooooove.

Now if I could just convince them to let me take home a vial of the lovely stuff. I have no problem injecting myself.

So the delivery went fine. Took a while longer as Dr Cutie-Pie had to cut through all the scar tissue and adhesions from my last 3 sections. He took his time and did his usual fantastic job. My incision hasn't given me a second's trouble. Obviously I'm quite sore (and swollen) in the whole abdomen region.

The hospital stay was interesting as usual. I should probably save all that for another blog. I will say that - unlike previous times - my bowels decided to not move at all. No gas ... nothing.

This is bad.

I blame the weird constipation I was having prior to delivery. One can expect a certain amount of stoppage post partum but insides held precariously together by stitches do NOT like gas. AT ALL. I was sooooo miserable.

Of course I was greatly consoled by this:

(and Tylenol 3 plus a Motrin 800 every 8 hours).

Here's Tall Boy's (age 3) first portrait of his baby brother:

I thought the resemblence was striking!

OK, here's one last rare one of Bitty Boy looking alert:

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At 10:53 am, Blogger Krissy said...

I'm ghasping with the cuteness. That is the most gorgeous little baby. Look how clear-eyed he is! Oh, oh.. I bet he's got that new baby smell.

And that picture made me tear up. That is an incredibly accurate picture of the baby. Your three year old has an artistic eye.

I'm glad you've got good drugs, and I'm sorry about the BM problems. My post-C first BM was a living nightmare. I finally had to take FLEET and I thought I would die with the pain.

But it, in a word, passed.

Congratulations, mama!

At 11:04 am, Blogger Katyaful said...

I'm so glad your back - Banner is amazing - so wonderful - I want another one...

Back to BM - didn't the nurses warn you that the Tylenol 300 would cause you to be CONSTIPATED??

URRRGH! DOUBLE URRGHH for you I feel your pain - I'm sorry I'll take childbirth ANY day over being horribly bound up!

Sleep when you can LOL LOL LOL

I'm laughin with you - my 2 yo hasn't slept through the night YET!

Naps are a great thing - as long as the other toddlers are bound and gagged!


At 10:22 am, Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Uterus. Aching. Must have a baby. Soon.

The only problems I had with post-partum BM's was when I was being sucked dry roughly 145 times a day by the newborn boy (and later, girl) who loved his groceries, compliments of his momma. Now, there's some rough poopin', lemme tell ya. Not an ounce of fluid left in your's like pooping really big chalk. Ach.

Congrats again - I wish you, your precious sweet baby, your family and your bowels the best!


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