Friday, September 02, 2005

So, yeah, gas prices ...

Pretty fitting, eh? How have the prices been where you are? Here's a great site for finding the best petrol prices in your area. If you're bored check out their forums. They're a hoot! I'd tell you what the reaction is on my Fertility Friend boards but I've been BANNED. (Yes I intend to mention this a million times. Sorry.)

So, are you cutting back your driving or what? We had to go out yesterday and I took the oppertunity to get some supplies. I'm stubbornly determined to hole up here for awhile. Lets see how long Blue can stay on the farm, lol!

What do you all drive?

As you know, I just bought a full sized 1987 Dodge Behemoth Van:

How ironic is it that the gas prices shot up right after I purchased this monster? Grrrr! Well, at least my choice of vehicle is warranted. I'll shortly be TTC my 5th child and it is physically impossible to get 5 carseats, two adults, and groceries to feed them, into a Mercury Villager. This is the family size I wanted and I'm not complaining! It burns me up to see these moms who chose to drive a $60,000 SUV (even though the only have 2 kids and the farthest 'off-road' they've ever been is the parking lot of the Target) bitching and crying about having to fill it up. Pull on your big girl knickers, ladies, and deal with it. You play big, you pay big.

Hey, it could be worse:


Or you could have loved ones who were in New Orleans. Or worse, you and your children could have been there. My heart goes out to all those people.

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At 10:07 pm, Blogger Carrie said...

As much as I HATE what gas costs now, I am soooo grateful that my family and I are safe. My heart goes out to all those trapped in New Orleans with no help in sight... what a sad, sad situation.

#5 soon, eh? You're my hero! :D

At 10:13 pm, Blogger Karry said...

Blue? WOW 5 kids? Cool! Glad it's you though - I have a hard time sometimes with three. If you don't mind my asking (And if you do stop right there because I DO NOT want to offend) What's the target family size?

Anyhow, I think it's awesome all your kids will be close together in age - they will grow up being friends. I was 4 years apart from my little brother and 9 years older than my baby brother. It saddens me that I don't really know either of them.

At 8:14 am, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

LOL, 5 is my limit. The testing for genetic anomalies is getting to me really badly (It will be my 5th amniocentisis). I keep wanting to blog about all of it - the family size decision, the testing, the fact that I'll be 41 when I deliver, etc. Soon, maybe. ;)

At 12:50 pm, Blogger Heather said...

I can't believe that it now takes me over $40 to fill my tank...used to take just about $15. I really love that this hike has coincided with my oldest son starting kindergarten and me having to drive 30mins each way to take him to and from school.

My dh is waiting for word from his employer (he is a firefighter/ paramedic) that he has leave to travel to the affected areas to help out. Means we will go without his pay for a few weeks, but that's the least we can do if it will help.

At 1:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, screw these gas prices.
Just returned from a trip to greenville, and i had to drive around to find a freaking gas station that was even OPEN!
On the weekends i have a '98 volvo wagon, and during the week, I drive an old suburban that really guzzles the gas.
Good luck ttc number cinco. I am barely making it w/my one and one-on-the-way. (only 7 more weeks!!) You are a trooper, Blue!!
Just talked to a friend who lived 4 blocks from the beach in Biloxi. Today she and her husband and kids purchased an RV to live in until things get cleaned up. They are on their way back to Mississippi to see what damage was done. They evacuated but heard that they have no house left. SAD SAD SAD!!
Quote from Danielle: "This is the time when I hate being an adult!"

good day to you and yours.

At 5:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I love you Blue!


At 5:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. I tried to right click on your gas joke, LMAO. I feel like I got my hand slapped!

At 1:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS, Blue! :-) I miss yoooooooou! Do you think if I sent a lynch mob over to FF Headquarters that they'd let you come back, and would you? Who else is going to drool over those Scots with me? *pouts*


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