Monday, May 15, 2006

Sarcasm? Moi?

Remember that girl (or girls) in middle school who inexplicably* hated you?

No matter what your clique, there was always that girl - or maybe two - who always seemed to be watching you, her face like a fist, radiating disapproval.

Maybe you were a popular girl and she envied your friends. Maybe you were a shy nerd who caught the eye of a sought-after guy. Maybe you had a good homelife and her parents were divorcing. Maybe your hard work earned the favour of a much-loved teacher.

Whatever it was the hate was always fueled by envy and jealousy and that girl just couldn't seem to let it go. She begrudged you something and had nothing better to do than shadow you, scowling, smirking, talking behind your back, trying to feel superior.

Well apparently some of those girls never grew out of it and are now in the blogosphere being true to their puerile selves: whispering and gossiping and not-so-surripticiously vying for attention as only middle schoolers can ... but oh! Wait! This isn't middle school, is it? These are grown women with too much time on their hands who are apparently unaware of the Golden Rule of Blogs:

This sort of behaviour wasn't cute or funny then and it's not cute or funny now. It is, however, a bit sad. Awwww ...

*My word of the month seems to be inexplicable. I have no idea why (it's inexplicable ... get it? ... hahaha ... what?!). Perhaps someone will do a satire of me wherein I overuse it, dig in dumpsters, smash my fingers with various implements, and fail to wash my children. Oh, wait! That's my real life! I am my own satirization! Doh! *strikes forehead in overly theatrical manner*

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At 2:20 pm, Blogger Sharpie said...

As if we all couldn't live with beating ourselves up over every little detail? Or our guilt is not enough? Thanks for a very well-needed post.


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