Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of dolts and duct tape

Ohhh, have I got one for you today!

I almost posted this over on Blue's Blog because I felt the need, upon reading this, to use (v. bad word) or maybe (oh dear! naughty!), so if one slips out, forgive me.

Check it out. Parents whinge about tape on doors.

"At a heated meeting Monday, Michelle Mata told the Lake Local school board in Millbury that the tactic panicked her son during a recent weekend trip to Chicago.
Sylvia Keeler said she may file charges. Her son, Mark Hummel, said he worried he could be trapped during a fire."

Oh cry me a river, emo boy! Trapped? By one piece of duct tape?

Well, I am of an engineering bent and love science, so I was fascinated and wanted to explore this topic.

Let's take a look at this.

This is the door to the bathroom in my home. It is much lighter that the average hotel room door (a heavier door would be advantageous to opening).

I taped it shut with not one but two bits of regular 3M duct tape like ye get from Lowe's:

Taped thus, the door came open easily.

Well, I don't know details of the hotel door taping and I also wasn't trying to get out from the inside. What I needed was help for this to be as accurate as possible.

How could I simulate a 'panicky' high school student?

Like this:

Yeah. Ohio moms? Yer kids are SO playing you and you need to wake up and start parenting.

For your further entertainment pleasure, here's a hot discussion on the subject.

Here it is over on our own Evil Genius Woman boards. Feel free to join us and tell us what you think!

Oh, by the way. Just a thought. Don't hotel doors open INWARD? That would make the whole thing moot. Even my 14 month old could the bloody damned thing.

The Human Crash Test Dummy: daughter of that woman who duct taped her child into the loo!


I just gleaned this from the Topix forum (abt page 133 I think) linked above:

"Okay people, i was one of the students in the room where the conflict arose. A simple strip wasn't all it was. It went from the wall around the handle twice back onto the wall. As simple as it sounds it was more. Yes, i agree everything has been blown out of proportion, but to sit there and riddicule everyone for not being able to open the door is rediculous. I don't for one beleive that this matter should have escaladed into a lawsuit, no. Personally i hope for everything to be closed and done sooner than what it seems to be. " (sic)

Uhm ...

I surely surely hope this is a joke. If this is an actual forum post by a student in this Millbury Ohio high school, then you Ohio Moms need to stop being concerned about duct tape! Not only do your wee delicate babes NEED to be taped in a room they need to be in there doing their English Homework!

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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 12:29 pm   3 comments


At 3:13 pm, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is a RIOT. You, my dear, are one funny, funny woman.

At 3:47 pm, Anonymous Barb said...

I laughed myself sick over this one, Blue. You rock.

At 10:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This was the best! My 13 yo just came back from Washington DC and they "taped" the doors every night too!

I think it is really sad that those in authority do not trust the kids. IF they are want to get out they will find a way!

When my 15 yo son went to DC - they found a way around the taped doors - a few kids went into the bathrooms downstairs during the "lockdown" - spent the night OUT of the hotel, came back into the hotel bathrooms near the lobby, called the rooms using the house phones to find out when the tape came off in the morning (The roommates had the showers on in the bathrooms when the room checks were done!) and the sneeky students slipped back into the rooms with the chaperones none the wiser that they were gone!

BTW these were 8th graders! If I were their teachers I would have given them all A's for creativity and teamwork.

Where there is a will there is a way!

Parents are friggin INSANE these days - I eprsonally think it is becasue they only have 1 or 2 kids and dont' have anything better to do. As we have a possee - if we damage one or two - ehh we have a few extra! LOL

Thanks for the laugh!



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