Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nice ride(s)!

We have a new Dodge Ram Van! And a pony!

Happy dance!

Here are the pony pics (the van is still at the mechanic's getting checked out):

Izzy (our pony-in-residence) on the right, and Bucky, the new addition, on the left. Check out the punky hair-do.

They seem to be gettin on well ... after a few days of adjustment.

The first day Izzy, who is an intact stud, was hopeful that Bucky was a mare (he's not, he's a gelding), so he leaped about, singing shrill lovesongs at him, and generally being obnoxious. Bucky pretty much ignored him.

Day two, he decided that Bucky must be a stallion as well, so he leaped about, screaming challenges periodically, and generally being obnoxious.

Bucky ignored this as well.

Izzy has decided that if he wants Bucky as a friend, he'd better relax.

New van pics coming v. soon! I promise!

Abe got a pony, too:

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