Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Confessions of a 100 calorie addict

Great article here.

"Two new marketing studies found that some people tend to consume more calories when junk food portions and packages are smaller. For some, it's because they perceive small packages to be ... get this ... diet food.


Manufacturers are releasing more and more products in smaller packages. And in recent years, several brand-name products, from chips to cookies to candy, have been released in smaller packages promoted as having just 100 calories. In terms of sales, the tactic has proven successful, past research shows.
The strategy might seem counterintuitive, because in many past studies, people tended to consume more when given more. In a 2005 test, for example, people who were offered 12-inch sandwiches ate more than those given shorter sandwiches.

But one of the new studies, led by Rita Coelho do Vale at the Technical University of Lisbon, found people believe smaller packages help them "regulate hedonic, tempting consumption," but in fact their consumption can actually increase. Large packages, on the other hand, trigger concern about overeating.

The participants watched episodes of "Friends" and were told the study was about evaluating ads. Bags of potato chips - of differing sizes, of course - were slipped into the test.

The result: Smaller packages are more likely to fuel temptation. "Because they are considered to be innocent pleasures ..."

I have to agree wholeheartedly!

I, myself, became addicted to those 100 calorie packs of Cheetos and Doritos. I shamefully spent huge amounts of money, cringing every time, for these 'treats' that were only to 'help me lose weight'.

I'd eat my tiny bit of starchy, carb-heavy foods and feel hungry again an hour later, so I'd grab one of those packets of crisps. Hey, it's only 100 calories, right?

Then an hour or two later: hungry again.  Rinse and repeat.

While I do believe that eating all through the day in several small meals is natural for us and so helps us regulate our hunger and blood sugar, I DON'T think that those wee, carby, overprocessed snacks are the answer!

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