Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farming is NOT for the Weak of Heart

An old, proud house stands lookout over a gravelly road it has watched for 140 Years. A tranquility surrounds the quaint house.

The Burrow. An Idyllic Scene of Simple Living.
A dog barks intermitently in the distance at a random squirrel, or perhaps a fox scurrying by. Birds chirp happily, diving and looping playfully over your head. Surely a simple scene of serenity.


The Burrow After a Bloodcurdling Scream Pierces the Calm.

The scene changes instantly with a bloodcurdling scream coming from the back. You run toward the sounds conflicted with feelings of fear and concern. As you round the back, you see fencing holding in a flock of goats and sheep. In the fence around a swarm of ungulates is a man being battered to his knees by a rampaging ram.

The Prodigious Horns of This Ram Took Down an Able Farmer. It's OK Though...The Farmer Got Back Up.Ok, there's some exaggeration in that tale. It wasn't a bloodcurdling scream, but I did let out a mid-level, alarmed, "Ahh!" And the ram in question wasn't rampaging. He was ravenous, I had just dumped feed, and his prodigious horns happened to snag my calf.

But if you run an animal farm, you know, and if you are thinking about it, you need to know...It can be treacherous business.

This person with the Llama Troopers knows...

and the guys behind this New Zealand movie, Black Sheep know...

And this shirt knows...

Funny take on an old idea just for goat lovers! (Upside down) If you can read this, please get me up and help me catch my goats! Complete with cute, messy, goat hoof prints on the back.

It's dangerous business...BEWARE!

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At 5:32 pm, Anonymous Mrs. Chili said...

Honestly, I have enough trouble keeping four cats; I can't imagine being brave, strong, and responsible enough to run an animal farm. As a matter of fact, I'm reading an historical fiction that takes place just after the Civil War, and keeping horses and sheep and cows alive and healthy was just so much WORK!

At 12:26 pm, Anonymous MrsEvilGenius said...

Ohh, ohh! Name of book please? I LOVE historical fiction.


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