Sunday, August 31, 2008

No 4K for the Bitty Girl

Well, we are pretty sure Bitty will NOT be going into 4K.

The 4K teacher who evaluated her, a lovely, bubbly, sweet woman SO unlike last year's teacher, told us she was 6th on the back-up, if-a-slot-comes-open list.  So the chances are slim.

In a way I'm pleased and in a way I'm disappointed.

During open house, when we asked what the chances were, the teacher (who does NOT choose - a computer ranks the kids based on the findings), told me that Bitty aced every question.  Every one.

She said; "She's really smart!"

I had to stop myself from doing what every proud momma will and blurting out: "well, duh!"


I did tell her that Bitty could read at the same level as her sister (they can both read simple books like Sandra Boynton books, and the simpler Berenstain Bears ones).

So I'm glad she's doing well and I'm glad she'll get to be home with me another year, but I'm disappointed for her because she was SO excited to be going.


Sort of on-topic, I have begun giving my three oldest fish oil for the omega-3s. I have read a LOT of stuff saying that kids don't get enough Omega 3s and that the human brain needs them to the point where it can help with things like ADD, Autism, and general memory and concentration.

Anyone out there have any feedback on using fish oil?  The whole family is taking them (except the two youngest), lol!

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At 4:03 pm, Blogger Nil Zed said...

Might be tastier to include ground flaxseed here and there in baked goods or on cereal.

At 5:44 pm, Blogger MrsEvilGenius said...

An excellent suggestion! Thank you. We haven't had any problems with the fish oil gelcaps (so far), but I will try to suss out a source for the flaxseed.

At 9:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We make home-made sourdough bread from a starter that originated many, many years ago when hubby was in Alaska, and we do many variations with it, including using whole wheat flour and toasted flax seed and it tastes incredible!! And best of all, the little ones (as well as the big ones!) love it! We also sprinkle toasted flaxseed over salads and it adds a wonderful taste in addition to the health benefits.


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