Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great minds think alike

So, I've been busy designing Paleo t-shirts, Primal t-shirts, ancestral diet / nutrition t-shirts, even Low Carb t-shirts. You get the idea. I've been making stuff that *I* like and hoping my Paleo, Primal people will enjoy them as well:

Paleolithic diet lifestyle auto badge, primal, caveman

Our new Paleo auto badge. I'm ordering two for myself to put on my cars. Also available on t-shirts, drinkware, bags, and more! There's one for Primal, too!

locavores, local small farmers, farming, environment, green, sustainable cool graphic design
Locavores, buy their food locally. No not down at the local supermarket, but from their own neighborhood farmers.  It's good for your community and good for you, local small farms, sustainable agriculture, help the whole planet. This earthy green and brown graphic design is perfect for any green, environmentally aware, locavore.

barefoot runners, minimalist footwear, bare feet, running, VFF, Huaraches

Here's one for my barefoot runner Tweeps. I don't run, myself (exercise makes me spill my drink ;) but I am a HUGE fan of minimalist footwear. Whether it's Vibram Five Fingers, Huaraches, plain ol' thin thong sandals or good old bare feet, bare is BEST!

These are just a few of the recent designs I've done.  One of the last ones I did was this one:

grokette, paleo, primal, ancestral, hunter, gatherer, dandelions
Grokette with nommy dandelions to honor our heritage as gatherers. I wanted a softer, more feminine design for us Girl Groks.  Well imagine my delight when a wonderful Twitter Tweep, @modernmatriarch debuted a gorgeous, handmade, glittery pink design of her own at the same time!  Great minds think alike!

Snazzy Grokette t-shirt, handmade, win for free! Paleo, primal.

How cool is that?  Shiny!  And the best part?  You can win this t-shirt for free. It's a smallish large and doesn't quite fit it's creator so she's giving it away!  Just stop by her blog an comment on your Paleo/Primal lifestyle and how it's changed you.

Hers is so nice. I think she totally should sell these on Etsy.

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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 4:37 pm   2 comments


At 5:00 pm, Blogger AndreAnna said...

I LOVE the Locavore design!! So cool.

I was just telling Mike we needed a Primal car sticker!

Thanks for the link and the pimpage!

At 5:49 pm, Blogger MrsEvilGenius said...

You are most welcome, luv!

I confess to liking the locavore one, too. Most of my t-shirts are just text and it's not often I get to exercise my mad Graphic Design skillz, ROFL!


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