Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My youngest son, (nicknamed Fiver here on my blog), is named IRL for one of my heroes: a famous American test pilot.

I have noticed that my kids seem to resemble their namesakes. My oldest; named for another of my heroes, a brilliant naturalist, is clever and loves science.  My oldest daughter; named for her great aunt, one of the sweetest people I know, is gregarious, giving, and kind.  My younger daughter whose name is taken from an HP Lovecraft story is decidedly odd and sometimes a bit spooky. My middle son, bearing the name of a favourite comic book scientist, is brilliant with math and machines.

And then there's Fiver.

The boy should have been named after Matt Murdock - Daredevil of Marvel comics - because he is the Kid Without Fear.


He's the only one of my five who has broken a bone - his arm - after diving off his brother's top bunk. He's the one who fell out of the tree and had to be carried inside by his sister.  He had fallen on something and punctured the skin on the back of his head, drenching himself and her in blood.  He is constantly climbing things.  Ground level is boring to him.  He wants to be up HIGH.  He jumps off of or falls off of things almost daily.

So I wasn't surprised a bit to hear big sister, THCTD, worriedly telling him to "get down out of that tree before you fall!"

Sure enough, a moment later there was a rustle, a crash, and much commotion.  I met them at the door; Bitty Girl, Bulk, and Fiver in THCTD's arms.  Fiver had bled copiously all over his sister (again) from a scraped knee, skinned arm, and an inch long gaping cut under his chin.

Turns out he had not only fallen out of the big pecan tree in the front yard but had landed half on Bodog's car - snapping off the passenger's side mirror on the way down.


What about you?  Do your kids 'match' their names?  Do you have any daredevils in your crowd?

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