Thursday, June 23, 2005

The household's Old Groove

Well, everything is settling back down around here. We're all getting back our grooves.

There has been a subtle (and not-so-subtle at times) shakedown here at home. After my week in the hospital I had to retake my house in a reverse coup. The new regime has been overthrown, the old regime is back in power.

Not suggesting in any way that the two people left in charge, Darling Hubby and my Mum, did a poor job – quite the opposite – they managed wonderfully. My house was , for one thing cleaner than when I left, which can never be a bad thing (although is not hard to believe considering my mad housekeeping skillz)

No, it’s just that this is an area that has been my almost exclusive demesne for over 3 years, I’m used to things being just so and a certain group of small people took the opportunity to bend some rules and pick up some bad habits while I was away. Part of it is that two of the cherubs being watched are 2 and 3 years old (and siblings to boot). This is an almost universally recognized recipe for disaster. Toss in a caretaker who's unfamiliar with the routine and, frankly, I'm lucky to have returned to my home and not a dusty pile of rubble.

But it's all settling down. Monday the Bitties and I went to see our pediatrician, Dr Clemson (this is That Other University for those of you not from South [GO COCKS!] Carolina). He's a tall, broad-shouldered, jovial, and good-looking gent who handles my babies like Caithness glass and has a very laid-back attitude. He gave a casual nod to my thrush diagnosis and rang a script in, listened indulgently and a bit absently (in a fine husband-like fashion) to my rants about Bitty Boy being too skinny (he's gained back his birth weight plus a few oz so Dr C isn't worried). Basically a good appointment. The only bad bits were the blaring telly in the waiting room with it's crowd of zombie-children at it's foot and the three shots: 2 for Bitty Girl and 1 for Boy.

New pic of Bitty Boy:

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At 2:05 pm, Blogger john said...

OH MY GOD the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:08 am, Blogger Katyaful said...

Geez Blue,

When your babies start out the size of "normal" 3 month olds - can you give the kid a lil slack in growin?

Plus he had THRUSH and probably wasn't into eatin all that much.

He is gorgeous tho - can't wait to see his green side...

Have you started the Gamma treatments yet??


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