Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good lizard

Gratuitous adorable baby behaviour item of the day: Bitty Girl managed a few drops of wee in the pot yesterday, much to my delight, and when I shared that with Boy and the Human Crash Test Dummy they acted genuinely pleased and both congratulated her effusively. HCTD even hugged her and said: "Well done!" in a v. grown up manner.

The look on Bitty's face was priceless - she was so pleased that they were pleased. I wish I'd had the camera (for the look, not the wee, lol)


Here's an update on the happenings about the farm if you've a mind to read, including a (rather crappy) pic of the new lambs. If you're not interested in the rural stuff but are a dab hand at decorating (like you wonderful lot who commented before!) PLEASE drop by over there and give me some tips and ideas about what to do about my kitchen. Please. I described the style I'm going for. Help. *sniffle*


Since I seem to be in a picture mood today here's some shots from my garden.

The hummingbird that showed up within a hour of my hanging my new feeder (sorry for the bad pic; he/she kept startling at the beep my camera makes before it takes a pic):

This lovely bloke, a Green Anole, was hunting and flirting and defending his patch all at the same time:

A male 5-lined Skink eyeing me suspiciously. Can you imagine what it was like when these guys were 20 feet long and eating our distant ancestors as snack food? Eee!

In case you're a lizard-hater, don't forget: these blokes eat insects including cockroaches, and the Skink will even tackle small mice. As far as I'm concerned anything that eats flies and roaches is my good mate!

I also got a good pic of a nesting Carolina Wren. She's over on the farm blog at the bottom.


Final adorable baby behaviour item: While cleaning up the family room last night, Boy picked up the Magic Eight Ball:

Boy: (shaking it vigourously) "Are the sisters being bad?"
Boy: (consulting the ball) "Most likely!"
Human Crash Test Dummy: (after a long moment) "HEY!"

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At 2:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those skinks are mean little boogers!! We have several who live around here and they keep to themselves until a curious 4 year old tries to get involved.
Congrats on the potty party!!

At 3:08 pm, Blogger macboudica said...

Your daughter needs to come over here and teach my two hammer head fellers a thing or two about going on the potty (except that would be really weird, wouldn't it?). They are totally totally totally rejecting it. If I am lucky they might be trained before they start school, but the outlook is very grim.

At 7:10 pm, Blogger Beth said...

With the "bloke" and Bridget Jones "v." thing, I thought you were british! LOL I'm an extremely thrifty mom myself. I wanted to tell you I loved the picture of your hand with daughters hands. It says a lot.

At 11:53 pm, Anonymous AeroDog said...

You can turn off the beep.


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