Saturday, May 27, 2006

I seem to Meme (when I'm not pimping)

(Gratuitus pimping follows:)

First, four new t-shirts from the Evil Genius Store!

For parents of twins:

For strong, no-nonsense girls (comes in a bib, onesie, toddler tees, kids tees, and sizes to fit mommy):
For any mom who's ever been asked the stupid question: "So, do you work?"

And just because it's funny:

Aaaaaaannnd on to the meme:

From Michele over at Mommycakes!

I AM BLESSED: with what I have.

I WANT: to get motivated to finish more of what I begin.

I WISH: my knee didn't hurt all the time.

I HATE: helpless people

I MISS: the beach. More than I can say.

I FEAR: that something will happen to my children.

I HEAR: those idiot lambs, who just got moved to a new pen yesterday, yelling their fool heads off.

I WONDER: if they'd taste good with favre beans and a nice bottle of Chiante

I REGRET: that Evil Genius Husband bears the brunt of my rage whenI'm frustrated, annoyed, put upon, or just hormonal.

I AM NOT: physically attractive.

I DANCE: rarely. Sometimes in the kitchen with my children. .

I SING: fairly well. I enjoy singing lullabyes.

I CRY: about stupid things.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: engaging my brain before I put my mouth / typing fingers in gear.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: pens and gates and cages and sheds.

I WRITE: this blog, although I wish I could write science fiction.

I CONFUSE: boredom with hunger.

I NEED: to feel like everything is under control.

I SHOULD: write on my stories that I have started and offer something to a publisher.

I START: everything, every little home improvement or barnyard project I think of.

I FINISH: almost none of them in a timely manner.

And I'm tagging Bodog, Mrs Chili, Zach &Brie's Mom, and Anna (ANNA! Email me. I can't post comments on your blog and I don't have your email *sob*.)

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