Monday, July 03, 2006


Sweet Mother of Stan Lee, I have to go shopping today.


Number one, I hate shopping. I do. Some virulent left over Scots gene causes me to actually wince when giving my money to someone - even if it IS for groceries. I couldn't imagine handing over money to someone for crap I didn't need. Like clothes. I think this is why I love just scanning my card. It's not like money money, ya know?

If I carry cash I refuse to spend it. I do get it out and fondle it periodically though ...

I mean, uh ... forget I said that.

Good news is that Dad visited yesterday. The babies were ecstatic.

He looked good, physically, but was pinched and dark around the eyes. Someone said to me recently: "It'll take a while for him to get over this ..." Uhm, no. He'll never get over this. It will just eventually hurt a bit less.

At any rate he inspected the new fence, met my large economy sized dog, bought everyone pizza (BIG hit with the babies), and even accompanied me to the dump knowing I was going to scavenge.

He was sat primly in the truck, in his expensive sunglasses, with the AC running. I was a few dumpsters away retrieving a whole slew of brand new PVC connectors when a bloke pulled up and tossed out a few big things into the 'metal only' bin.

I peered over and caught the bright gleam of chrome and made a note to walk by and have a shufti.

Several minutes later I returned to the truck and Dad said: "Did you see what that guy threw out?"

"I saw it looked like car parts," I said and looked over at the bin, but the shiny stuff was gone.

"Damn, someone got it. It's not there anymore."


And do you know where it was gentle readers?

It was in my truck.

Yes, internets, you read it here first: upright and proper Dr. Blue's Dad scavenged something out of a dumpster!


So ... anybody need a nice set of chrome exhaust for your motorcycle? Email me, yo.**

*ok, ok, I'm exaggerating here. I'm sure my dad has done a bit of discreet scavenging in his life, but it's still fun to take the piss.
**so there's that obnoxious gesture for 'call me' (extended thumb and pinkie, held to side of face), what's the corresponding one for 'email me'? (or 'text me' or 'IM me')?

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At 11:42 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Re the gesture: How about both index fingers, pointed straight down, each one punching an imaginiary keyboard, one at a time, and only once each? Like: "click, click." To be even more obnoxious, one could make a "click, click" sound.

I suspect the operative scavenging words for your dad are "usable automotive."

At 11:36 pm, Blogger Contrary said...

A scavenger with discrminating taste.

Glad you had an awesome visit with your dad.

Did you save me any pizza?

At 4:01 pm, Blogger Michele said...

Thanks for the reminder that tonight is "put out the trash" night in my 'hood.!!


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