Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Here it is Tuesday again and I don't even have a self-portrait to post. I finally rembember on a Tuesday and I don't have a pic.


I'm such a spaz.

I also haven't read any blogs in ages. Dear bloggers-that-I-read, I swear I still love you. I know I haven't called but I've been hella busy. Really!

I've put up my new barn drive gate, and am beginning the deconstruction prior to starting the pantry. I've been busy with the store. I've been complaining to Evil Genius Husband that this is exactly like having a job. I have to design the products, create the artwork, do the layout, upload the images, manage the products in the store, research trends, put up ads in a half-a-dozen places on the web every week, answer random emails, update the store blog, etc, etc.

I have a huge newfound respect for WAHMs now. All this stuff is v. difficult when you can't get sat down at the computer more than a few minutes at a time!

And just in case I have a few minutes left in a day that are unoccupied, Evil Genius Husband has founded his own political party: The (you guessed it) Evil Genius Party! And you, dear unsuspecting minions readers, are going to be the first to read the official Press Release:

"Election time is fast approaching. How do you feel? Does the electoral system have you down? Feeling isolated in your Red State? Alone in your Blue State? Do you wish we could all just get along? Are you stressed about who to pick, Republicans or Democrats? And which is which anyway?

Now’s the time to join the Evil Genius Party! We are for unity, not division. Universal employment, not acceptable percentages of unemployed. Global peace. Understanding. Choose enlightened leaders for an enlightened age. We don’t play divisive politics, we play You Politics. Working for you to bring improved health, long life, flying cars, and global peace.

The Evil Genius Party, a 21st century party working for your 21st century dreams."

Vote Evil Genius in 2008! Evil Genius Party: "No lackey left behind"

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At 12:21 pm, Anonymous Erin said...

I love the Evil Genius Party! I want to join. I want to get J the shirt that says "They're not just my kids, they're my evil clone army". As soon as I either get pregnant or we've officially started the adoption process, I'm getting that one for him.

Good luck with your millions of projects!

At 6:36 pm, Blogger Sharpie said...

YOU TWO are a VERY busy family. Love back atcha - but I have to say today I actually said OUT LOUD - Where the f*ck is Blue??


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