Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday #6 (on Wednesday again)

Perhaps I should just begin calling it "self portrait day within a week of a Tuesday"? (and for all you droll wits out there, yes, I could just call it Self Portrait DAY and shut up about it, but it was originally Self Portrait Tuesday and it gives me some semblance of structure so it's Self Portrait Tuesday, damnit!)

Where was I?

Oh, the pic ...

I love mucking about in Photoshop (who doesn't?) and I was trying to ad 'noise' to the image to give it a soft feel but it just ended up blurry. (Yeah, my photography skillage is teh suxx0rz!!111!11!)

Anyway, that's my hand and Bulk's wee feet (several months ago) but I thought it was an appropriate pic since it's Litha today (the summer solstice) a time of growth and bounty and I myself am attempting to grow and be bountiful.

(Caution, tiresome babymaking talk follows)

Speaking of: I'm getting close to O here, and I've been dying to play about with these OPKs that I got at the dollar store! I've never used them (charting always worked loverly) but I'm viewing TTC as I do all things I'm determined about: throw everything at it - including the kitchen sink - and hope I hit that bastard.

I'm also trying Pre-Seed as age has taken it's toll on me and I've noticed my CM getting less and less. I actually have a very good feeling about it (which is weird for my pessimistic self).

Any of you have experience with either? Tips? Tricks? Droll witticisms?

On to this week's list:

Four things I can't wait to do with my children:

1) Holiday in Britain. I just can't wait. I am so anxious to show them Charles Darwin's grave, the British Museum, Duxford airfield, the church in Stratford where Shakespeare is buried, Warwick castle, and the pebbly beaches on the Essex coast. I suppose we'll wait until the youngest is at least four or five to be able to appreciate everything. I also suppose I'd better start saving NOW, lol!

2) The chores. No lie. I can't wait until I can get some serious help in the barnyard. See, Evil Genius Husband and I almost cannot be seen simultaneously in the barnyard ... one of us has to watch the bubs. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold a sheep or catch a chicken by yourself?

3) Play board games. I know this sounds trivial, but I'm an only child. How many good board games / party games can one play with two or three people? Chess, scrabble, that sort of thing, sure, but no Pictionary! And Monopoly and Clue and Life and Trivial pursuit, etc, suck with less than four players.

4) Family meals. We already sit down at table as a family at least once a day, but, well, it only takes six seconds to go over the babies' day. I can't wait for detailed stories and animated discussions around the table as a family.

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At 11:04 am, Blogger Michele said...

Well considering I had to resort to IVF I may not look like an authority on CVM but I did have a few years of practice.
Here is what made me slipperier than Kevin Federline back when we were doing it au naturale - Drinking lots of Grapefruit juice, swigging Guaifinessin (sp? its the stuff in Robitussin that thins out the phlegm). I hear drikning lots of green tea also helps.

Good luck!

At 3:44 pm, Blogger macboudica said...

Good luck, Blue. Sorry, I have no advice on the TTC.

That is a great list. Sadly, I have two kids here big enough to help with chores and it never happens. I hope you have better luck with that than me. In my defence, though, the boy is his mothers fault. He came to live with us in August and he was already, um, not much help.

At 5:48 pm, Blogger BoDog said...

OI! Leaving out a few things, aren't you, dear...Like Jack the Ripper tours! I am NOT going to Britain without getting Ripper memorabelia. And what about Stonehenge...I'm chipping off a piece of that sucker. They won't notice the hammer in my pants!


And yeah...once they are old enough for board games, that's going to be great...I mean, I'll finally be able to beat someone...until Mama gets in the game.

And once we're having family meals together...that's going to be fun, too.

Teenage Son: "Could someone pass me a roll, please?" (Notice perfect manners)

Older-but-Still-Virile Dada: *Grabs roll conveniently near him*
*Roll hits unexpecting and shocked teenage son in head*
"You gotta keep your eye on the roll, son...*belch*"

*cue laugh track*

At 11:18 pm, Blogger Isabel said...

Delurking to say: use the 'diffuse glow' thingy (it's in filters, I think Filters -> Distort) and your pics will be pleasantly noisy without blur. Plus your skin will look fantastic!


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