Tuesday, June 13, 2006


My youngest daughter uses a curseword.

No, not like you think (although, if you know me and my proclivity for the wide range ... nay, the vast overwhelming panorama of curses that I am capable of ... well, let's just say a few have slipped into a toddler's vocab - albeit briefly).

But seriously, she is my first, at the tender age of two-and-two-months to use a word to express her displeasure or frustration.

Now, I have long (since her birth) felt in my heart that this will be my little research physicist. My wee genius with the curtly bobbed hair and glasses (no, there's nothing wrong with her vision, just go with the image here), spending long hours in a lab somewhere actually impacting mankind (maybe in a cure-for-AIDS kinda way or an Evil-Genius-nefarious-plot kinda way. Whatever.)

But, anyway, today, after going out solo with me, sans nappie (she's been nappie-free for about 3 days now - I consider her toilet trained), she ate supper with her sibs and as she was returning her milk to the icebox she dropped it.

"Bum!" she said and scrambled for the rolling sippy cup.

"Bum?" I thought. 'Bum' is our word for the general buttock-ular region (aye, and my bubs also say 'wellie' for rubber boots and 'petrol' for gasoline), she knows the word for milk, why ... ?

At this juncture the icebox door began to close. Bitty looked back, stamped her foot crossly, and exclaimed again :"BUM!" and lunged for the door.

She was actually using the worst word she knows as an expletive.

I'm so proud. My baby can curse!


So that's my most exciting development.

There's a hold on any construction since it has. Begun. To. Rain. Did I ever tell you how we live on Ferenginar? Seriously. We are on a narrow peninsula that extends out into a large lake and there's some sort of bizarre weather vortex phenomenon thingy. It rains here all the time.

Upside is that my garden and yard look fab. Downside is that my shrubs look like this and I'd better get the pantry framed and roofed pretty bloody quickly after I get started.

Another thing on hold is the fencing. With the money I'm saving on the pantry (by my screwing it up building it myself), I have enough left over to get someone with a tractor out here to repair my pasture fence. Yay! Of course, he, too, will have to wait until it stops raining. *sigh*

So, everything's pretty boring here right now. My two year old is toilet trained and cursing, my oldest son thinks he's a car like in Pixar's "Cars", (and this is a child who has never been to a theatre and has never watched telly ... erm ... of course he's has absolutely NO influence from his total automotive nut of a mother), my youngest son is using his mouth as a third hand (stuffing wodges of catfood, or three matchbox cars, or, say, an interesting looking champagne cork in and lumbering off with the intention of expelling and more closely inspecting or playing with said prize at a later time), and my oldest daughter is ... well, she is ... as odd as always:

Behold: Botanica, queen of the out-of-doors!

PS: this was supposed to have been posted yesterday in the a.m. but Blogger is being bloody minded and wouldn't upload the above pic. Bugger it, I'm FTP-ing it up to my site myself.

*sounds of crashing and cursing*

Update: The rain has abated! The fence guy rang! Can you tell I'm excited?

Yeah, this is as fascinating as my life gets. Shut up!

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At 7:39 am, Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

Oh, I'm SO totally there with you, Blue, though I'm actually BENEFITING from all the rain we've been having lately:


At 9:05 am, Blogger macboudica said...

One of my twins says "stup!", a combo of "stop" and "shut up".

At 4:00 pm, Blogger Jan said...

When my now 8 year old was trying to walk at 12 months, she would fall down and say "well sh*t!".


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