Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yeah ... I'm wunna them Crochet Mommas

So, last year (the Year From Hell) I taught myself to crochet.

I did it by simply watching YouTube vids over and over.  I'd find a tutorial I liked and I'd sit at the computer making a chain, pulling it out, making it again, and pulling it out.  After a bit, I'd try another row, then another stitch, and then I make a simple project ... and so on.

It was fortuitous that I learned this new skill when i did as it REALLy helps sooth my brain when I'm feeling stressed or anxious.

I noticed some things about my crochet as I've slowly learned more and gotten a bit better: 1) I quickly developed Yarn Prejudice. I was beginning with common acrylic and soon began to really dislike it.  I found it coarse and prickly - especially for wearables.  I actually remade several early projects in different, softer blends because I despised the yarn.

And speaking of wearables; 2) I like things I can take outside the home.  I wanna show off my crochet.  I don't want to make a gorgeous afghan nearly so much as a gorgeous shawl that I can wear to work.

I also like fun and funky stuff. Even stuff with no use other than decoration JUST because it is so freakin' weird.

Example: crocheted rocks.  What the fuck?  Who even thought of this?  And they are FABULOUS!

(From The Perl Bee - a fab tutorial on how to make Margaret Oomen's crocheted rocks!)

How cool are those?!  I am going to make some as soon as I find some suitable stones.

I quickly found out that there are also crochet bottles (gonna make those, too) and they are lovely.

Now imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this website where this blogger (a woman after my own heart) combines DIY, recycling, and crochet!  Bliss!

Here's Filth Wizardry's crochet tote container thingies:

(Image and extra cool design copyright Filth Wizardry - Go!  Learn how to do these!)

I am totally starting one of these today!

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