Monday, July 22, 2013


I finally finished my slouchy hat that was taking me forever:

Slouchy beanie hat by Evil Genius Crafts

I really have no time to crochet, though.  It's awful!  My problem is that I cant seem to crochet and do anything else simultaneously.  I can't crochet and read (that would be awesome!) and I can barely crochet and watch a film on Netflix or Amazon.  When I try I end up missing stitches or some salient plot point. *sigh*

So can you multitask with crochet?  Does the skill come with time?

Oh, well.  Now I can start my Dr Who scarf!  Geekgasm!

Tom Baker, 4th Dr Who and his awesome scarf!

(Official BBC pattern for the 4th doctors scarf from season 15 here.  This is the one I'm using.)

If you love Dr Who you might also like the freaky, geeky, and downright odd gifts from Evil Genius Tees!

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