Monday, July 11, 2005

Another rambly post: dogs, pigs and obstinate girls

Ahhh, well, the new pup was not meant to be. This is good, of course. I didn't need another dog and it was a female and the lady sounded a bit flakey who had her ...

This was supposed to be a trade thing and I got the impression from her reply that she was going to be of the sort found on my old baby-stuff trading bulletin board. The type who'd email me and write: "I'll trade you these two coupons for that can of similac and those four New-With-Tag outfits". Then they'd get all huffy when you refused - unable to grasp the fact that the shipping alone made the deal not worthwhile.

I emailed the lady with the puppy a list of my tradables and she sent back a terse reply about how her son, who is in the military, came home suddenly (?) and decided to keep the dog.

Uh ... ok.

Oh well, I'm sure there's the perfect dog out there for me. Perhaps I can trade one of my recent throwaways:

This is the little potbellied pig we 'adopted'. My Evil Genius Husband named her Mimi, but I call her KitchenAide since she eats all my scraps for me!


So now I might be getting an inkling of why they tell you to space your kids out a bit. Currently my newest son is breastfeeding on demand - and he demands it all the time. My 16 month old is starting to walk (ok, that's a slight exaggeration. Ms Chunk-ette is refusing to walk, actually. She stands just fine but wont take any steps. All of mine have walked and talked late! What's up with that?) And my 2 year old is toilet training.

My 3 year old, Boy, and Evil Genius Husband are maintaining the status quo by being bloody annoying.

Toilet training. Aaaarrgh! I hate it! It's the worst. I'm having a particularly sticky time with Tall Girl. She's driving me nuts. See, Boy wanted nothing more than to please me. He toilet trained in a week and was dead-set on it because he got so upset that I got upset when he wet himself.

Tall Girl couldn't give a rat's hind end. She doesn't care if she's wet. She doesn't respond at all to my angst over changing her sheets a half a dozen times or washing scads of those stupid little girl underpants. (man I hate those things. They all have some sappy, stupid characters on them. You can't find just plain white girl's underpants it seems) She's totally non-plussed when she has to strip her bed, wipe off her matress, and rinse out her undies.


Of course we've only been at it for less than a week and she's staying dry pretty much all day. It's naptime that's getting us. She won't get out of her bed to sit on the pot. I'm wondering if she's aware that she's allowed to leave her bed to wee.

The worst bit of all is how bad I feel when I get frustrated with her. I feel like scum, the worst mum in the universe. She's so bright and charming ... and annoying. I love her so much that it makes my heart hurt but then, the next day, she's irritating the crap out of me. *SIGH*

I love you my baby girl, now wee in the pot, please!

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At 8:24 pm, Blogger Katyaful said...

Ahh Blue,

I fel ya pain sista! Except it is my Tall Boy almost 4 that refuses to poo in the pot. It is a battle of the wills and I'm losing. I have no energy to change the sheets EVERY friggin time so I've relented and put him in those DAMN Pull-up type pants from Pampers.
At least they have Hulk and Spiderman on them...
Evil Girl 2 LOVES to wee in the pot and and I thought the competition would be good - OH NO! HE claps for her and says "Yeah you're potty training!"
I don't even want to get going on the preteens I have... 2nd week of summer vacation and "We're BORED"
Can I send them to work your farm??? Isn't that why we have the bloddy summer vacation anyhow???

At 11:17 pm, Blogger aka_Meritt said...

By this time I'm not really sure how I came to your site, but I laughed, smiled and 'ha'd quite a bit. I agree with you on much of what you wrote - especially the parenting posts down below. I think "other parents" and the politically correct universe we live in now is what me too darn apprehensive to have the final two children we talked about having.

I learned to stay away from "mommy boards" because... well they were just too weird! LOL.

At 11:42 am, Blogger The Lioness said...

Your kids are scrumptious, and so is the pig! I've just shown her to Loverboy and asked if we can have one just like her if we have a farm some day. Or something. Who am I kidding, if I ever do pig will just mysteriously materialise - ha!


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