Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gameplan for Sunday

Today we go get the Explorer. Mum has graciously offered to come over yet again and this time stay all day so that we can get this car. The only other option (thank you and sod you, U-Haul) was for one of Dad's friends to drive the gazillion miles from her home to mine. I won't allow it. Number 1, it's a pain in the arse, and number 2, I'd worry myself to death for her especially with it icy all over.

Besides, it's my right to inconvenience Evil Genius Husband. It's in the wedding vows somewhere.

While I'm there I plan on making a sweep of the house and collecting any and all papers that pertain to bills (and any legal papers that I can find, although I think they're locked in the gun safe - any of you old-school friends know the combo? I used to know the combination of the big safe but it went the way of the alarum code - no room in the pea that is my brain.)

I want to be sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that everything is taken care of. My tiny desk at home already looks like Dad's desk at work: stacks of papers everywhere. An organized desk is the sign of a cluttered mind? OK. That fits.


We tackled the hurdle (or rather Kimberly's father did) of telling Dad about his wife. Apparently - as many of us already suspected/hoped - he knew at least on some level. He had volunteered the info to a doctor earlier and apparently just came out and talked about it to Mr B.

He's still v. confused, though, so we may have to have this conversation a few times with him, but we are really relieved (as everyone is) that he's getting over this particular bump. If you plan on visiting with him and he asks questions, just tell him the truth as far as it makes you comfortable. I just ask that you don't lie to him (ie: "Kimberly's fine").

Daddy, still off the ventilator (that I know of), has been moved to Acute Care. I'm v. v. pleased with this and soooooooo excited to see him today. The only problem (and there has to be at least one) is that the visiting hours are something to 10 and 2 to something. Well hell. I'm there from 11 to 2.

Ya know what one of my peeves is? When you say to someone(lets say an appointment-maker-person): "I can't be there because (fill in reason)" and he/she says: "Well, you just need to work something out."

I want to reach through the phone and pinch her head off.

Uhm, lady, do you not think that if I COULD work something out I WOULD? Helloooo. Let's take folks who want to schedule appointments for me at 8 am. I have four small children. They get up at 6:30, eat breakfast at 7. Not only does it take - minimum - 20 or 30 minutes to get them all dressed, out the door, and in their carseats, but I live 1 hour away from Columbia (where all our doctors are). Do the math.

Same thing with 11 am appointments. My kids nap at 11 sharp. Now, YOU may let YOUR kids decide when and if they nap, but I do not. We have family down-time from 11 to 2, no exceptions. Because of this my babies are all well-rested. Now imagine these four small children, sans naps, sitting in a waiting room (and if it's one of my doctors: for over an hour) with you. Chilling, isn't it? I don't wanna inflict tired babies on anyone.

So, I'm not being obstinate or lazy when I say I can't make it. I'm being serious.

So, I'm going to need to do something about these visiting hours. I just cannot be there at any other times. I'm really worried about this. I certainly don't want to inconvenience the nurses but I don't know what else to do. One chirpy little nurse - after my telling her the whole spiel: live in a galaxy far far away, babysitter has 1 1/2 hour drive home, etc - she goes: "Well can you come during our evening hours?"

...? Have I been speaking Klingon again? Is my universal translator broken?


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