Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just the facts, ma'am

Alright, my mission for today - after visiting Dad - is to talk with the legal ladies at the hospital about the guardianship. The hospital has a few paralegals on staff to help out with just such questions and I'm going to avail myself of their assistance.

I am also going to ring the lady who does the guardianship hearings and ask her to define 'incompetant' since no one seemed to know who was there last time. I'm also going to ring the two companies who do the bonding for the people who are seeking a guardianship and ask them their criteria for bonding a person.

I need some definitions here and, frankly, the women I've talked to thus far on this subject don't seem to know jack. There have to be some hard and fast rules out there somewhere for these things. I need them.


I got a call from my father's oldest friend (jeez, that sounded bad. Not oldest chronologically but as in: has known him the longest). Sam and Dad have been best friends since, like, age 9, so I've known him, literally, my whole life. He's like a second dad to me and just hearing his voice gave me strength.

He and another long-time buddy of dad's, Tim, brainstormed about Dad's cars and decided that the T-bird was not the vehicle I needed to temporarily use. Apparently Dad, in his fashion, has been tinkering with it and it's a bit tempermental. With this in mind, and with Evil Genius Husband's Toyota now making an ominous tapping sound, we are going to go up and borrow one of Dad's Explorers. Probably this week-end. This will be one less thing I have to worry about. *whew*


On a lighter note, Jerre's oldest grandchild, aged 3 1/2, drew this pic for his granddaddy and since Dad can't look at it right now, I thought I'd share it with you:

You can see where he was practicing his numbers (under mine) and then decided to draw a bat (he has helpfully written 'bat' there in case you couldn't tell). Here's the young artist himself:

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At 11:12 am, Blogger speckledpup said...

If it helps, here in Missouri, we're saying a little prayer for your driving safety and your dad's healing, every day.
Take care.

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