Thursday, December 08, 2005

Regrouping - a better day


A friend of Dad and Kimberly's, Mr B, has been in contact with my aunt and has offered her the services of a lawyer. We (all) met with him today and learned quite a bit.

I have had mostly bad experiences with lawyers, I'll confess. I was rushed getting up there too, since, well, I'm so bloody far away. (But I found out that Evil Genius Husband's car will go 95 even with the valves clicking.) So all that, coupled with no sleep, made me just a tad wild-eyed going in.

(Note to self: Self, don't listen to Lewis Black CDs in the car going up to meet with your lawyer. I had to restrain myself bouncing in there like a prizefighter. I'm certain the lawyers have joined the group of folks who think that I'm on crack.)

Anyway, I liked Mr B, liked the lawyers: Lawyer P was very knowledgeable and sincere, Lawyer T was frank and pointed with his questions and opinions. I love a bold, honest person. I'm that type. No lies, no drama, no hidden agenda. You've got something to say? Just say it. I'll guarantee you that I'll do the same.

We went over all the stuff and they pointed out small things that I'd've never known plus gave good advice. We all agreed that attempting to get the Durable Power Of attorney is the way to go. They agreed with my wanting to wait one week (have I already said this? I feel like I'm repeating stuff.) and assess Dad at that point. Meanwhile I've been walking around with the P of A papers in my bag for a week. No, I'm not anal.


So after a good meeting with the 'L' words, I scurried up to the hospital.

I walked in to discover A) the only unhelpful nurse I've seen so far (there's gotta be one!) and B) that my Dad had apparently spat out his breathing tube that morning. By the time they got the respiratory crew in there he was doing so well on his own that they left him. He's off the respirator. Keep your extremities crossed that it stays that way.

Hopefully this eliminates any more episodes of him thrashing about on the bed in pain and panic and my hanging onto his arm to keep him tearing out his IVs while the nurse tries to contact the respiratory team. I would like to never do that again for the rest of my life, please.

He was also fairly alert and, speaking of tearing stuff out, had just yanked out his feeding tube about 30 minutes before. So he's being generally very naughty.

We were able to speak. He knows some things but is still confused. He knew me, knew my name, knew I was his daughter (I quizzed him) but then asked me: "When did you start working here?" a few minutes later. He also asked me what other hospital I was working at, making me think that he thought he was speaking to my Mum (who's an operating room technician).

He never asked about Kimberly or the accident but I think he may know or have guessed or have an inkling. About halfway through the visit he suddenly said: "where's the Corvette now?" Now, I firmly believe in telling people the truth but the question shocked me so badly that I just stammered that I didn't know (which is technically true). He didn't ask any more of that type question.

He asked about the animals and seemed satisfied that K was caring for them, he mentioned that his buddy T had visited 'yesterday' (he actually was there Monday) and he asked about food - he wanted pizza and then suggested, with perfect clarity, that I get some Cheetos and "smuggle them up to him"

He definitely feels better.

He's still a bit befuddled, though. He asked about his oldest grandson but then said that he (my 3 1/2 year old son) had been up there this morning to visit him.

Is he lucid or is he foggy? A little from column A ... A little from column B. His memory and cognition are like swiss cheese right now. Some parts are solid, yummy cheese and some parts are just air.

Will he be able to be told about the accident soon? Dunno. I'm certainly dreading it and have been since it happened. We will see. I would rather that I, his sister, or Kimberly's father be the one to tell him. So if you read this blog and you visit him, please try to avoid the subject if you can. I'd like to give him a few more days to get his mind straight, ya know?

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At 9:15 pm, Anonymous Laney said...

Blue- Your ability to remain eloquent and humorous in the face of such tragedy is a testament to your character. Your father is a very lucky man to have a spit—fire daughter like you looking after him. I sure hope that the recent positive changes in your Father’s condition are the turning point and that he’ll really begin to recover soon. Lots of us from the May/June Board are checking in on you often and we are all thinking about you. ~~Laney

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