Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Double meh (Updated)

Must blog about ... something.

Gah! Is it 8 yet so I can go to sleep? No ... it's only half past noon. Crap.

Man, Fiver better be twins, 'cause this pregnancy is already kicking my arse.

And I'm listless. I don't have the energy/inclination to do aught, but doing nothing bores me. I've cut my blog reading down to my P Posse (and still need to put you ladies up with your name in all it's glory on my other blog) and started checking my mommy bulletin boards. My BabyMed boards can be dull. My Coffeeshop board is filled with lovely but busy women who don't have time to post much, and everyone on my Large Family board is fighting. The comic book boards are tiresome and my Cafepress boards take two seconds to read.


OK, howsabout a rant?

Right, this falls under the category of "Someone Please Explain this Idiocy To Me"

There are folks who are against stem cell research. I do not understand this mindset.

A person has embryos left over from ART that are going to be disposed of ANYWAY but they can't use them for research. WTBlueF?

They're going to be disposed of anyway you effing morons!

This, to me, is like people who refuse to donate their organs. I'm dead, you're going to shoot my cold, quickly decomposing corpse full of chemicals to 'preserve' it (a SICK and OBSCENE practice), and then put all that mess in the ground to finish rotting but OH HELL NO you can't take my organs! That would be desecrating what is just dead flesh and has NOTHING to do with the person I was!!!

How horrible and selfish can you be? Someone's life could be SAVED by your dead relative's kidney or heart. She doesn't need it any more! Someone's BABY could live because you had the compassion to donate.

Or you could close your eyes and close your heart and pull the covers over your stubborn head and let other people waiting for donated organs suffer and die because, hell, you don't know them, you can't see those sick children and besides, my loved one should rot in the ground with ALL HIS ORGANS, damnit!

I've never undergone ART despite years of infertility. I could never afford it. But if I had and I had embryos sitting around I'd be glad that those embies could be used for research. I'd be proud that I may have helped save someone's life.

But what about the babies? people cry. What about those poor defenseless babies?!

Welllll, first of all, a 5 day old frozen embryo is not a baby. It's barely a potential baby.

"We must draw the ethical line at research that destroys human life," said House Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri.

Well guess what, asshat? Eighteen cells is not a human life.

Do you know all of the possible things that can go wrong with an FET*? Ya don't? Ask someone who's done one. Ask someone who's gone through IVF with a fresh embie, for that matter. ASK HER if those embies are a guaranteed human baby for her. They're NOT.

I don't know what the success rate is for a frozen embryo transfer (anyone who can help me out here, please do). The best I could find was 20-30%. There's only a 25% chance of conceiving each cycle for the regular ole' two-people-shagging method.

It is a FACT that every woman has an unknown number of early spontaneous miscarriages without even knowing it. Embryos are made, don't divide properly, fail to implant properly, etc and are lost - usually before any of us realizes she was pregnant.

How is this any different? How is the millions of embryos lost 'naturally' any different from the couple of hundred frozen ones set to be destroyed? Neither was made with the intention of losing. Why not use the frozen ones to further science?

To suggest that these collections of cells are anything other than a collection of cells is stupidity.

(EDITED to add that the delightful Julie, over at A Little Pregnant, just happened to blog about this very subject (Frozen Embryo Transfers). This lady has been there, folks. Go read. Read the comments, too.)

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At 4:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Blue - I agree with you. If those "cells" are going to be "discarded" (if you will) anyway, why not let them be of some service to science? Maybe if science would refund the potential parent(s) an 1/8 of what they paid for the procedure, then maybe more would be willing to "donate."

And,if I may, those folks that decide to terminate thier pregnancies (which I think is a horrible-horrible thing-other than for verifiable medical reasons....don't get me started on THAT subject) then those fetus could/should be used for research/organs....there is so much waste where human life is concerned...makes me very upset.

And, Blue, I might be out of line here, but since I work in a dr office.....and I'm sure you already know this, please-please-please be careful with this pregnancy. Your age, plus 4 other babies and your weight (self admitted recently) can cause such a list of problems. Sadly we see a lot of woman with positive Down's tests at your age with similar backgrounds. Don't want to scare or discourage you, just wanted to make you aware of the possible challenges ahead.

At 11:10 pm, Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

Yep, Blue - you've hit it right on. I have NO idea why some of these people spout the things they do - righty conservatives give me the creeping willies, particularly when they start spouting this b.s. about stem cell research.

so sorry you're tired. Go take a nap...

At 1:22 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Thank you, Blue, for opening up this discussion!

Wanna see the difference stem cell research can make? Check out the recently published work of Dr. Douglas Kerr (approx. age 40 and such an inspiring dynamo!) at Johns Hopkins. http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/06/22/stem.cells.cnn/index.html?section=cnn_latest

If you've ever watched a loved one deteriorate from a progressive disease, you'll appreciate this breakthrough.

Someone needs to ask our beloved President the "Dukakis Question" of 2006: If it were your wife (or daughter) afflicted with a progressive (and fatal) disease, would you still be against federal funding of HES cell research, knowing that quick breakthroughs in this area could save her life?

And please don't think that the 22 cell lines already approved earlier for federal funding are gonna get us "there." These lines are tainted by murine (mouse) cells since, at the time of developing them, it was not possible to do so without introducing mouse cells. Neither they, nor their derivatives can ever be used ethically in human trials. The Japanese have, about a month ago, announced a new technique that allows them to develop HES cells that can differentiate into just about any type of cell, using only HUMAN tissue. This breakthrough could lead to more rapid FDA approval for human trials, and federal funding of such new "untainted" lines could make this happen quickly enough to save many lives, keep many family units intact, and even allow the afflicted person to eventually go back to work and, yes, pay income taxes.

Yes, Blue, there is a lot of similarity between the stigma today of donating HE's to science that would otherwise be destroyed , and that associated with the donating of organs about 40-50 years ago to help other people live better, or even to live at all. Maybe someday, donating undesirable HE's will be as benign a topic as donating one's organs.

Finally, if anyone else out there is unhappy with the lack of federal funding for HES cell research, please look into a private donation to a private or university institution that continues to fight for the right to quality of life for all unquestionably human beings through its sorely underfunded research labs.

Sorry so long. Didn't mean to hijack. Just that my soapbox has become so big, I find myself up on it at every other turn.

At 11:15 am, Blogger Anna said...

Couldn't agree more. And to steer clear of all the "thorny" issues (when is human life human life? How about abortion? etc) the only thing I can say is if these embryos are such precious human lives in potentia, it should be bloody illegal to dispose of them. It's a shame.

And you can't POSSIBLY be serious. You can't hate chocolate. I'm starting to think you're not actually human (I knew those kids of yours got their x-ray eyes from somewhere.)


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