Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thanks and biting things

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Stacey wins the "Dur, I should have thought of that" award!

I seriously had resigned myself to never getting preggers again, so I never thought that could be the cause of all the fatigue (no to mention that I had my classic pre-AF backache and cramps). I don't think I've ever had symptoms appear this early (the only reason I thought to test was that I was getting nauseated in the morning)

Well, my beta was 124 at 12DPO and my progesterone was 56 - both in the higher end of normal if I'm not mistaken. First ultrasound is July 26. Keep me and the wee one in your thoughts. You all know the myriad of things that can happen between a positive HPT and the first U/S.


So, lets talk fleas.

Yeah, I said fleas. Anyone else have furry children in the house? Cats? Dogs?

We have 3 inside dogs and 2 inside cats and, as you know if you have 'em, occasionally you'll get a flea or two. No problem. Well, I don;t know if it's the unusual climate here on Ferenginar or what, but we have this horrid flea infestation once a year when it starts getting warm and wet.

Each year I had to bust out the powders and sprays and do battle but I got it under control. This year they seem to have taken over my house!


They're right up there with roaches and fireants. Every single one of those little bastards could float out into space and I'd not mind a bit.

I personally blame those damned cats. They're wee flea factories who get on every surface in my home (UGH!) and in ever nook and cranny that my children play in. See, our inside dogs are restricted to the mudroom - they don't wander the house. Can you tell I'm not much of a cat person?*

We use powder on the one rug, spray on the cats, we bathe the dogs, everyone gets those drops on the back of his neck, AND they all have flea collars on but we and the kids are getting eaten up. Poor Bitty Girl must be particularly juicy as they LOVE her.

Help me out here! What do you do?


And Lastly: I want to tackle the ridiculously long Onion Meme passed on from Evil Genius Husband via Linda over at Indigo Girl but I don't have time this morning. Maybe I'll get a free second this afternoon. Or maybe I'll take a nap.

Nap. Hah! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!


*This begs the question: "Why does she keep them?" Well, I got them because this old house is like a sieve and we had a terribel time with mice. I could trap 3 a day. Since the cats arrived I've had just one or two upstairs. So one of those lazy fleabags is at least keeping the rodentia at bay. Question is, rats or fleas? Hmmmmmm ...

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At 7:23 am, Blogger Anna said...

I am SO glad for you. I totally wanted you to get to add to the brood. Your Bulk is a couple of months older than Matilda, and I'm 6 weeks pregnant now. (Shhhhh.... I haven't blogged about it yet!) EDD March 6. So you're a couple of weeks after me, and what with you having a C Section and me (hopefully) having another homebirth we could end up having them at the same time! I couldn't be more excited. I'll be thinking of you, and have a very healthy pregnancy.

PS: Your first scan is on my mum's birthday :)

At 12:04 am, Blogger Karry said...

Blue - congrats! I will be keeping fingers crossed for you.

RE: Fleas - I finally mastered the fleas about three/four months ago - I used a combination of Pyrethrin (the active ingredient in lice shampoo - it's a natural derivative of crysanthemum) and Diatomaceous earth. We bought a $10 garden pump-handle compressed air type bug sprayer and made a weak mixture of water, pyrethrin and earth - then SOAKED the dogs and cats - we also sprayed the carpet and furniture. (DO NOT SPRINKLE DRY EARTH - it gets literally everywhere and doesn't help by itself) The pyrethrin was enough to kill the adults and the diatomaceous earth killed the larvae when it hatched (It dries them out). One application once a week for two weeks did it. Haven't seen a flea since. (and no I don't put flea drops on my critters)

Wooo - I totally hijacked your comments. Sorry. If you read back through my blog in March or April or so you'll read about my battles with fleas which I just summarised above.

Good luck - you'll need it.

At 11:18 pm, Blogger Contrary said...

First of all: OMG. OMG. O.M.G.

Did I mention, OMG?

Will be keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you, which will make working difficult, but I'll muddle through.

As to your fleas, call a pest control company and get them to spray your house and yard. I know they cost money, but it's going to be more effective than anything else. Then, spread cedar around any pine trees you might have (fleas love pine needles), around the perimeter of your fence, if you have one and in your flower beds. Fleas hate cedar.

What kind of drops are you using? If you are using something from Wal-Mart, it's likely not doing a bit of good. Especially Hartz or Sargeant's. They suck.

Drop the flea collars, they're only ever effective right around the neck and they tend to be more of a health risk for the pets who can't get away from the chemicals enveloping their faces and for any little ones who touch the collars and then rubs their eyes or put their fingers in their mouths.

Your best bet, for price and quality on flea drops is Zodiac brand. If you are already using these or one of the expensive brands, the fleas may be getting y'all because they can't get on the animals (in which case, call Orkin now!) or there are so many of them that the animals can't support them and they're little furry tenements are overcrowded and they have to make do with snacking on y'all (in which case, call Orkin now!).

Trust me. I am a flea expert. Because I'm a dog groomer. Not because I love fleas.

Also, OMG! (and congratulations!)

At 11:54 am, Blogger Sassy Student said...

i hate fleas.

my beloved cat, maxwell, who is in his late teens, has infested my house.

can't get rid of the cat.

must get rid of the fleas. ewww.

(i added you to my blogroll, i hope it's okay!)

At 12:45 am, Anonymous marion said...

Congratulations on the blue!

Re: fleas: I use Revolution. Few drops on the back of the cat's or dog's neck once a month. Yes, it's prescription-only, and that means that it's not cheap, but it works quite well. Call the pest control guys, have the dogs and cats bathed and dipped (or do it at home with a shampoo that is cleared by your vet), and get Revolution - if you can. I know we're not talking about small sums of money here, alas.

And yes, STAY AWAY FROM HARTZ. One kitty I know was severely neurologically impaired and nearly died after getting exposed to just a little Hartz flea powder. Terrifying. (And if it can do that to cats, I hate to think what it could do to human embryos in utero if you were to accidentally ingest a bit of the stuff.)


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