Monday, July 10, 2006

Random stuff

Well ... Dad came down to visit:

OK,ok, I'm just joking. This bloke, Ron Mims, a pilot of 37 years, had engine trouble and he calmly put his Beech M35 down on I-25, right at the exit to my house! And I was right there at the motorway yesterday, albeit 4 hours earlier. Damn, I wish he'd timed that engine trouble better, lol. I'm just glad he landed safely. He's got some mad skillz!


I've already blogged about these. Well, just when I thought that we, as carbon-based life forms, couldn't get any more stupid I discover these:

A stroller. For your dog.

FOR YOUR DOG. A stroller!

As I said before, THEY HAVE LEGS, dogs do! My two year old human child hasn't sat in a stroller for 8 months! That's 'cause she can walk!


Speaking of child ...

gratuitous baby pic!

"The only known predator of the Great White Shark ..." (must say this in a Aussie accent)


OK, that's - pathetically - all I've got for ya today. I promise tomorrow's self portrait will be a doozie.

Now I have to go chainsaw some stuff.

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