Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free is fabulous!

Just a couple of pics of some recent freebies:

I scored this pair of ... what are they called? Beach shoes?  Pool shoes? for FREE and they were in my size!  Only drawback ... they're pink.(Yes those are my fat feet. I was a size 81/2 before five kids and 150lbs of lard gained and lost. *sigh* now I wear a TEN! Oh, and that's my 35lb kettlebell.)

They're not VFFs but it's better than *shudder* conventional thick / hard soled shoes that are death on your feet!  I now only wear flip flops, pool shoes, moccasins, my mock Crocs (when it's cold and wet) and my new Invisible Shoes (pics up when the weather gets warmer!)

(*snort* Blimey, am I the height of fashion or what?  Sweatpants, white socks, and pool shoes. Wal Mart here I come!)

I also got these:

Three dozen pink roses.  Out of a dumpster.  Awesome.  My dumpsters love me!

And now, a completely gratuitus pic of my youngest son, Fiver:

Known as "the melonhead" for a reason.  Look at that noggin!

His cast came off Monday, BTW and the Ortho said the bones look great. *whew*  Of course he also said: "keep him off of high objects and don't let him play rough for a week or so." Both Bodog and I burst into laughter.

Have you gotten any cool freebies lately?  What about my Paleo tweeps?  Free meat?  Yard sale minimal footwear?  Thrift store weights?  Tell me about them!

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