Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cheerios prove that the American Heart Assn wants us all dead!

So KFC has released their newest creation, the KFC Double Down sandwich.

Since I neither watch television nor eat fast food, I had not heard about this interesting new idea until today.  Fortunately, I got introduced to it via Tom Naughton over at FatHead.  Nothing like truth and humour, I say.

Funny t-shirt for dieters or meat lovers, carnivores or Paleo / primal people. Peace, Love, Meat with steak, heart, and peace sign.

He has gathered together the stupidest of the hysterical knee-jerkers comments on the KFC Double Down and it's quite an entertaining read.

Tom even detailed the nutritional breakdown of the Double Down (-vs- a Quarter pounder) and reported his own blood sugar levels after eating one.  He went on to report BS levels of a reader of Dr Davis's blog after eating a classic 'heart healthy' meal of Cheerios (250 mg/dL!!) for comparison.

Brain cells come and go but fat cells live forever! Funny diet t-shirt, weight loss tee.

The Double Down comprises two pieces of chicken, two pieces of cheese, and two pieces of bacon. Sounds like a low-carb meal made in heaven (the fried version has only 11 carbs!) and a potential Paleo emergency meal (I'd have to dump the sauce and go for the grilled version, natch), to me.

I plan on trying it. As a matter of fact, I'll take Bodog's blood checker and test my own blood sugar that day.

Eat healthy, sleep well, move often, blue traffic safety signs, funny paleo primal t-shirt.

When, oh when will the stupid people start realising that the FDA and the AHA are trying to make them sicker, not make them healthier?! That they are being lied to by people who are pulling these "facts" out of their arses?  When will the daft rabble stop taking what doctors and 'dieticians' and the government officials say at face value and actually do research for themselves?  Can people not just go in a Wal Mart or a Ryan's and look around and see how sick, slow, and obese most Americans are?

Do we have to start dying?

... oh, wait ... we are.


Funny health / diet / dieting / carnivore / paleo / primal t-shirts shown:

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