Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great vid

Great video about three folks who have lost v. large amounts of weight.

I especially liked the bit about feeling discouraged over 'only' losing 10lbs and being told to go to the store and pick up two 5lb backs of potatoes (two sacks of sugar would also work well) and realise that you were carrying that amount of fat all the time before you lost it!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Won't you blog about this song?

I just had to share this.

As an internet entramanure myself, I found it hysterical (and telling).

Via my Blackadder List (thanks, Howie!):

Here comes another bubble

I wonder whose t-shirt that is at the end? I haz a jealous.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interesting comparison

Just for giggles, I took a pic of my DH, Bodog's, and my meal last night for comparison / contrast and so he could blog it on The Chi of Cheese (his food reveiw blog).

Well, as I was resizing the pics, I began thinking about the calorie differences, etc, and thought it deserved a blog post. I'm dieting and he's not - otherwise our meals would have been more alike - so it's a good example of just how many calories you can save while getting a similar meal.

Here the buns await burgerage. Any differences leap out at ya, LOL? can you guess which plate is mine? That bowl next to his plate contains about 1/4c of hotdog chili, BTW:

Here're the finished products:

Here's the breakdown:


Great Value buns 100cal each (2)
Great Value frozen hb patties 280cal ea (2)
Sam's american cheese slices 50cal ea (2)
Great Value mayo 100cal / tablespoon (4 tblsp)(!)
GV chili sauce 15cal / tablespoon (4 tblsp)

>>1320 calories<<


Merita light wheat buns 80cal each (2)
Boca meatless burgers 100cal ea (2)
Kraft 2% sharp cheddar slices 50cal (1)(half slice each burger)
Kraft fat free mayo 10cal (half tablespoon each burger)

>>420 calories<<

Holy cow!

Notice how, in order to save calories I had to spend money. Almost everything on my ingredient list is an expensive brand name (*big sad face*). In order to duplicate real hamburgers you have to make that choice. This is my "special reward meal" that I allow myself. Obviously buying brand names and/or dropping loads of money is not something I do very much!

The thrifty version of this meal would be no mayo or cheese (at all) and the soyburger in a low fat pita. Still delicious ... but not a burger.

Here's Bodog's specific post, with comments, on the Chi of Cheese. Hilarious!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Last week of school! EEEeeeEEEeee!

Just wanted to pop in and say that we're on our last week of school (YAY!) and so I should be able to blog a bit more soon (YAY!)

Today we had our evaluation by the school district to see if Bitty can get into 4 year old Kindergarten next year.

Since I suspect she's on the Autism spectrum and we can't afford to have her evaluated by a doctor (the damned thing costs $3000 and they don't take insurance. How effed up is THAT?), we are availing ourselves of the services of the school district.

I was pretty trepidacious going in. Last year, we met with a rather severe teacher in the middle of a hallway and she took THCTD down to her room for the eval and didn't allow me to come. I had no idea what they were looking at/testing for and the teacher acted stand-offish when I inquired - as if I was prying.

Fortunately THCTD is a social butterfly and had no problem going off with a stranger.

Bitty, I was sure, would freak.

See, Bitty hates changes in routine and take a bit to warm up to new situations. She is socially inept (won't make eye contact or speak), and if she gets flustered, she simply shuts down like a robot who's been switched off.

But, this year it was totally different. We all (me and the bubs) walked into a regular kindergarten room with two pleasent and helpful teachers. One lady began immediately with Bitty while the other walked us out and answered my questions and chatted.

The result was that Bitty never turned a hair and sailed through like a pro. I have no idea how she did as the 'tests' have to be scored and then they decide which 21 kids are the 'neediest', but I have high hopes that, if they feel Bitty needs more testing, we'll get it.

I'm also going to email the school principal and tell her how good the experience was.

Just a quick pic of Bitty and one of her v. fave lovies: "Big Manatee".

Yeah, I know she needs her fringe cut. I'll be cutting hair ... erm, this summer, sometime. ;)

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