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Thought I was never gonna get here, folks!  I got stopped by the (I found out, infamous) "You have logged out from another location. Do you want to log in again?" Blogger error message.  I couldn't log on and talk to you lovely peoples!

But, The Internet Is Good.  Bless and preserve the signal.  You can't stop the signal, Mal.

David Krumholz as Mr Universe in Serenity. Love Joss Whedon and Firefly!

So I jumped on the 'net and asked the folks out in the 'verse for help.  If you've had this error message, try Mr. Portman's lovely fix - scroll down to the update - over at 1stopIT.

Right.  On to today's post!

I am SO not a cook.  I can cook, but I am NOT a cook. I have loads of internet friends who are really awesome cooks - even extraordinary bakers (and grillers!)  You know who you are.

But not me.  I refuse to load my kids up with fast food or pre-made food.  I cook breakfast and supper almost every day, but I like things that are quick, and simple, and easy, and other words like that.

I don't want box food or frozen food but real foodz.  Real ingredients, nothing fancy, no weird or exotic ingredients, just stuff you probably have in the pantry right now.  Old fashioned stuff, I guess.  I adore many of the traditional British and German dishes!

As I am a ravening Pintrest and Tumblr addict, I get to see oodles of pins and posts about food from the real cooks out there.  It never occurred to me to, for example, have a food or recipe board on Pintrest.  I'm not a cook, am I?  So there are literally thousands of people who have already covered the whole food/recipe thing.

Then I found a recipe very similar to my own recipe for Egg-in-a-Basket*, and I thought: "Hey.  I'll bet there are some pressed for time, or inexperienced, or (like me) just lazy cooks out there that might like a quick,easy recipe Pintrest board!"

Long story short: I've started one.  If you have any really quick and / or easy recipes you'd like to share, I'd love you to send 'em to me!  I'll give you linky love!

Speaking of linky love, if you've only ever followed my craftsy stuff here's today's featured T-shirts from my store.  Yep, ai iz grafik designer!  Check 'em out:

candy me, funny, cute, halloween, candy corn t-shirt from Evil Genius Tees!

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One more, promise ...

For my darling Husband who teaches Middle School English Language Arts:

Funny, english, ela, teacher warning sign grammar

English Teacher warning sign!  I also have MANY other subjects, history, math, science, art, etc!

*Egg-in-a-Basket is NOT, I repeat NOT the same as Toad in the Hole!  I don't care what you've always heard!  Egg-in-a-Basket is an egg cracked into a hole in a slice of bread and fried (or the above baked version).  Toad-in-the-Hole is a traditional British dish involving bangers and Yorkshire pud all baked together.

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