Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dr. ThriftyMom?

So I'm dumpster diving - as I do every Sunday morning when the Mundanes are asleep or in church - and I'm driving from Dumpster 1 to Dumpster 2 in my trusty, if battered, minivan mommy mobile when I stop at a stop light.  My spider sense goes off to my left so I turn my head to find an elderly couple in the car next to me staring at me, slack jawed.

Well, I DO have facial piercings as well as numerous earrings, plus I tend to dress oddly, so I'm pretty used to some reactions, though not usually ones so overt. Still, I shrug and turn back forward where I spy my two hands on the steering wheel still clad in bright the blue nitrile medical gloves that I wear to keep my hands clean whilst rummaging in the rubbish.

Uh ... oops.

Perhaps I should take to wearing a surgical mask as well. Maybe I'd be taken for some oddball eccentric like Michael Jackson or Howard Hughes!  Or passersby would take me for a doctor so concerned with hygiene that she gloves up before even reaching the hospital!

Dr. ThriftyMom!  Dr. ThriftyMom! We need you at the K-mart dumpster, STAT!

Or, perhaps I could just remember to take them off between dumpsters.  Well, in my own defense, I've yet to stroll into the Wal Mart wearing them.

OK, enough silliness.

Oh, no, wait ... even more silliness.  Our latest funny t-shirt at Evil Genius Tees is an homage to the internet memes we love so much:

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"I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going" with writhing green Cthulhu-like tantacles. Cthulhu t-shirt, meme t-shirt, or just a funny tee, your choice.

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