Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Busy week, part the third

Apparently everyone else has been having a busy week too! Here's what some of my peeps (not all, just some) have been up to:

Sharpie also got the sheer pleasure of visiting the cootchie doc (I will refrain from detailing my own cootchie coiffure as it's basically ... erm ... none.) and a disturbing encounter with an arachnid.

Karen GOT HER FREAKIN' REFERRAL! I don't think I could be more excited! Swing over there and give her some blog lurve, she's waited for ages and ages.

And speaking of going on holiday. Mine pales to insignifigance compared to the current Horkin Holiday. Just colour me jealous.

The fabulous Michele has a cool meme (Friday Five Things which I love since I'm on a FIVE kick, lol) AND has picked up HerBadMother's Proust questionnaire as well so now I have TWO juicy memes to work on.

So, uh ... since it's painfully obvious that I don't have anything worthwhile to say own my own, I'll just ... erm, go work on those memes.

*slinks off*

PS: pics of the new pigs coming to a farm blog near you. Soon.

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Busy week, part the second

Well, we're back from micro-holiday and we all survived. The babes all went mad on the beach: screaming, squealing, running in and out of the surf like nut-house escapees on meth. Thanks to Type-A SIL and Dr SIL our every tiny need was addressed and we got to see their incredibly lovely respective children (Cousin Ee and baby Cousin Eye).

Evil Genius Husband had only a minimally acceptable time as he hates the beach. He hates the outdoors in general (bugs, dirt, heat, et al) and we discovered that the Incredible Bulk apparently feels the same. Hopefully he'll grow out of that. Baby Bulk not EGH. He's hopeless.

We tried to visit as much as possible with FIL (which was v. hard considering we were only there two half-days), slept almost not at all in our rental cottage (cottage was charming, but upstairs renters had their young children running back and fourth back and fourth above our heads at almost midnight. I got 'em back by firing up the HMS Behemoth at 6:30 and revving that mighty example of Detroit engineering a few times before shooting off in search of coffee. They got off easy. I was up at 5am.)

After another quick jaunt to the beach with the in-laws we loaded up and headed out. I drove in almost silence as the babes, tired and salty, snoozed in the back and EGH fought sleep over a comic book and obsessively adjusted the AC vent.


"Sand, heat, salt ... and these toys suck."

Bitty loves the beach.

Wild Boy paused briefly to not-quite-smile for the camera.

The Human Crash Test Dummy has eyes the colour of the sea ... and approximately as much sand in her suit as the beach.

Bitty clowns around with Bulk's hated hat (hated by the Bulk who, at one point, actually snatched it off and hurled it as far as he could after I replaced it for the umpteenth time.)

"It's hot and sandy over here too, Mom. Can we leave now?"

And. of course, Fiver was there, though not able to experience the sand and surf:

Measuring right on schedule, heartrate 138bpm, due date March 13, 2007.

Does that look like a girl blob to you?

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy week

I apologize profusely in advance to my commentors. I am going to have to turn on comment verification - which I effin' HATE - because I keep getting spam.

So sorry guys. :(


On an unrelated note, I actually got to read some blogs today (YAY!) and discovered that Julie over at A Little Pregnant had written about Frozen Embryo Transfers. Anyone who read my entry a few days ago, and is interested in the subject and a viewpoint of someone who's done it, should check it out.


Michele over at Mommycakes has a new meme which I shall endevour to do ('cause I'm a meme-aholic) when I get back.

"Back?" you say, "Back from where? The farthest Blue ever goes is to Columbia and then we get a tiresome rant about people, turn-signals, and cell phones ... where's she goin'?"

I'm going to the beach.

It's been over four years since I've been and I'm excited and filled with trepidation at the same time. It's only overnight (leaving tomorrow morning, back Tuesday morning) since we can't leave the critters too long and at the pleasure of my in-laws (accomodations paid for by my incredible SIL).

I'll tell ya allllllllllllllll about it when I return.

Also, my ultrasound is Wednesday.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Onion Meme

– Name: Blue
– Birth date: October 1964
– Birthplace: Columbia, South Carolina.
– Current Location: Prosperity, South Carolina. I didn't go far, did I?
– Eye Color: Hazel.
– Hair Color: Dark brown
– Height: 5'8"
– Righty or Lefty: Righty
– Zodiac Sign: Libra.

– Your heritage: Scots and English.
– The shoes you wore today: RICS clogs.
– Your weakness: Food, specifically chinese food.
– Your fears: That something bad will happen to my children/that something will be wrong with my baby.
– Your perfect pizza: Veggie lovers with extra cheese, thin crust.
– Goal you'd like to achieve: Five happy, healthy, relaxed, self-confident children.
– Your most overused phrase on Text messaging: bbl
– Your first waking thoughts: I don't have any waking thoughts. My brain cannot function until primed with coffee.
– Your best physical feature: Uh ... my hair.
– Your most missed memory: I'm assuming this means most missed time/person/event, etc. I miss my dogs that have passed away over the years. I miss Bobbie, and Kate, and Nan, and my Nicholas.

– Pepsi or Coke: Caffein Free Diet Coke.
– McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds. The only thing good at Burger King is the Whopper.
– Single or group dates: Single! I don't do well in crowds.
– Adidas or Nike: Don't care. The only trainers I own are Chuck Taylors.
– Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Premade iced tea sucks ass. Homemade iced tea, strong and sweet.
– Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla. I hate chocolate..
– Cappuccino or coffee: Ugh, definately coffee.
– Smoke: Never
– Cuss: Uhmmm ....
– Sing: Badly
– Take a shower everyday: Hah!
– Do you think you've been in love: A few times
– Want to go to college: When my kids are all in school. I'm finally going to get the Biology major that suits me.
– Liked high school: Hated it. Found it boring and unnessisarily fraught with anxiety
– Want to get married: Want to stay married to this man forever.
– Believe in yourself: Not at all.
--Get motion sickness: Nope
– Think you're attractive: Hahahahahahahah!
– Think you're a health freak: Oh puh-LEEZ!
– Get along with your parent(s): Sure.
– Like thunderstorms: Love them!
– Play an instrument: Took flute for a bit.
LAYER SIX: In the past month…
– Drank alcohol: Jack Daniel's Black Label. Alas, sitting unloved behind the crock pot now.
– Smoked: Nope.
– Done a drug: Never.
– Made Out: Knocked up right now.
– Gone on a date: Unfortunately no.
– Gone to the mall?: Dispise the mall.
– Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Yuk! Hate those horrible black cookies. Would be willing to attempt a box of the vanilla ones.
– Eaten sushi: Love fish in any form, but haven't eaten sushi in ages.
– Been on stage: I will always be a little teapot to certain people.
– Been dumped: By a husband. How much more of a loser can you be?
– Gone skating: Ages ago. I seemed to have done everything 'ages ago'.
– Made homemade cookies: Yes.
– Gone skinny dipping: Hah! Hahahahahahah. Don't want to frighten anyone now do we?
– Dyed your hair: I've dyed the front funky light shades (like blonde) but I got over it.
– Stolen Anything: Define 'steal'.
– Played a game that required removal of clothing: Never. See 'skinnydipping' question above.
– If so, was it mixed company: If I had ever it would have been. What's the point of getting naked in front of girls?
– Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Many times - never in public.
– Been caught "doing something": I seem to be the queen of getting caught in compromising positions.
– Been called a tease: Yeah, right. We're talking about me here. You have to be attractive to be a tease.
– Gotten beaten up: Never. I'm pretty formidable.
– Shoplifted: When I was a kid.
– Changed who you were to fit in: Again, when I was young.
– Age you hope to be married: For me this should be 'how long you hope to stay married'.
– Numbers and Names of Children: Boy (4), the Human Crash Test Dummy (3), Bitty Girl ("Me: two!"), the Incredible Bulk (13 months), pregnant with Fiver.
– Describe your Dream Wedding: Hallowe'en, somewhere public so folks can gawp, entire family (us and the children) dressed as characters from the Addams Family.
– How do you want to die: Heart attack at the age of 97 while building a chicken pen.
– Where you want to go to college: U of South Carolina
– What do you want to be when you grow up: Content.
– What country would you most like to visit: England.

– Number of drugs taken illegally: Zero.
– Number of people I could trust with my life: A few.
– Number of CDs that I own: 25 maybe. i keep moving them around since I don't have a car and they've gotten lost or destroyed.
– Number of piercings: 11
– Number of tattoos: 0 but planning on two: one with all my children's names.
– Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Maybe once or twice?
– Number of scars on my body: Oh dear, quite a few.
– Number of things in my past that I regret: Too numerous to list.
Lived: Unthinkingly. Should have payed attention.
Current addiction: Chinese food
Music: Hard rock/heavy metal/classic rock and whatever Creed, Godsmack, Nickleback, etc are..
Favorite TV shows: Don't watch telly. Series I love on DVD: Enterprise, Firefly, X-files
Favorite Movies: Too numerous to mention! Anything by Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys, Fisher King), sci-fi, esp. space films (2001, Alien series, Star Wars 1, 4, 5, and 6, Serenity, etc) Merchant Ivory stuff, Richard Curtis' stuff ....
Favourite Actors: Ewan McGregor, John Cusak, Michael Bien, John Hannah, David Hyde Pierce, most British actors
Favorite Actresses: Sandra Bulloch, Emma Thompson, Miranda Richardson.
Favorite Sport: I love watching Drag Racing. Auto racing in any form, hockey, college football if USC is playing.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Double meh (Updated)

Must blog about ... something.

Gah! Is it 8 yet so I can go to sleep? No ... it's only half past noon. Crap.

Man, Fiver better be twins, 'cause this pregnancy is already kicking my arse.

And I'm listless. I don't have the energy/inclination to do aught, but doing nothing bores me. I've cut my blog reading down to my P Posse (and still need to put you ladies up with your name in all it's glory on my other blog) and started checking my mommy bulletin boards. My BabyMed boards can be dull. My Coffeeshop board is filled with lovely but busy women who don't have time to post much, and everyone on my Large Family board is fighting. The comic book boards are tiresome and my Cafepress boards take two seconds to read.


OK, howsabout a rant?

Right, this falls under the category of "Someone Please Explain this Idiocy To Me"

There are folks who are against stem cell research. I do not understand this mindset.

A person has embryos left over from ART that are going to be disposed of ANYWAY but they can't use them for research. WTBlueF?

They're going to be disposed of anyway you effing morons!

This, to me, is like people who refuse to donate their organs. I'm dead, you're going to shoot my cold, quickly decomposing corpse full of chemicals to 'preserve' it (a SICK and OBSCENE practice), and then put all that mess in the ground to finish rotting but OH HELL NO you can't take my organs! That would be desecrating what is just dead flesh and has NOTHING to do with the person I was!!!

How horrible and selfish can you be? Someone's life could be SAVED by your dead relative's kidney or heart. She doesn't need it any more! Someone's BABY could live because you had the compassion to donate.

Or you could close your eyes and close your heart and pull the covers over your stubborn head and let other people waiting for donated organs suffer and die because, hell, you don't know them, you can't see those sick children and besides, my loved one should rot in the ground with ALL HIS ORGANS, damnit!

I've never undergone ART despite years of infertility. I could never afford it. But if I had and I had embryos sitting around I'd be glad that those embies could be used for research. I'd be proud that I may have helped save someone's life.

But what about the babies? people cry. What about those poor defenseless babies?!

Welllll, first of all, a 5 day old frozen embryo is not a baby. It's barely a potential baby.

"We must draw the ethical line at research that destroys human life," said House Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri.

Well guess what, asshat? Eighteen cells is not a human life.

Do you know all of the possible things that can go wrong with an FET*? Ya don't? Ask someone who's done one. Ask someone who's gone through IVF with a fresh embie, for that matter. ASK HER if those embies are a guaranteed human baby for her. They're NOT.

I don't know what the success rate is for a frozen embryo transfer (anyone who can help me out here, please do). The best I could find was 20-30%. There's only a 25% chance of conceiving each cycle for the regular ole' two-people-shagging method.

It is a FACT that every woman has an unknown number of early spontaneous miscarriages without even knowing it. Embryos are made, don't divide properly, fail to implant properly, etc and are lost - usually before any of us realizes she was pregnant.

How is this any different? How is the millions of embryos lost 'naturally' any different from the couple of hundred frozen ones set to be destroyed? Neither was made with the intention of losing. Why not use the frozen ones to further science?

To suggest that these collections of cells are anything other than a collection of cells is stupidity.

(EDITED to add that the delightful Julie, over at A Little Pregnant, just happened to blog about this very subject (Frozen Embryo Transfers). This lady has been there, folks. Go read. Read the comments, too.)

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Ugh ... baby brain

Can it have started so early? Do i just have permanent baby brain? Is that possible?

Do you know that I could have sworn that I'd posted twice since the last post but when I looked at my blog they were gone.

When I went to the Blogger dashboard, there they were, two posts indeed ... unfinished and unpublished.


Need. New. Brain.

Well, I'll work on them today. One is the promised loooooong meme and the other is a troubling bout of trashspotting I experienced yesterday.

Did I tell you that my frst somogramme is next Wednesday (the 26th)? I'll (hopefully) have pics of Fiver then.

I hope all of you are fine. i also need to read blogs. I feel v. out of sorts when I haven't read my fave bloggers in awhile. It's like losing touch with family. Makes me feel nervous and uncertain.

OK, I'll be back later. Working on Pirate designs this morning ...

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thanks and biting things

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Stacey wins the "Dur, I should have thought of that" award!

I seriously had resigned myself to never getting preggers again, so I never thought that could be the cause of all the fatigue (no to mention that I had my classic pre-AF backache and cramps). I don't think I've ever had symptoms appear this early (the only reason I thought to test was that I was getting nauseated in the morning)

Well, my beta was 124 at 12DPO and my progesterone was 56 - both in the higher end of normal if I'm not mistaken. First ultrasound is July 26. Keep me and the wee one in your thoughts. You all know the myriad of things that can happen between a positive HPT and the first U/S.


So, lets talk fleas.

Yeah, I said fleas. Anyone else have furry children in the house? Cats? Dogs?

We have 3 inside dogs and 2 inside cats and, as you know if you have 'em, occasionally you'll get a flea or two. No problem. Well, I don;t know if it's the unusual climate here on Ferenginar or what, but we have this horrid flea infestation once a year when it starts getting warm and wet.

Each year I had to bust out the powders and sprays and do battle but I got it under control. This year they seem to have taken over my house!


They're right up there with roaches and fireants. Every single one of those little bastards could float out into space and I'd not mind a bit.

I personally blame those damned cats. They're wee flea factories who get on every surface in my home (UGH!) and in ever nook and cranny that my children play in. See, our inside dogs are restricted to the mudroom - they don't wander the house. Can you tell I'm not much of a cat person?*

We use powder on the one rug, spray on the cats, we bathe the dogs, everyone gets those drops on the back of his neck, AND they all have flea collars on but we and the kids are getting eaten up. Poor Bitty Girl must be particularly juicy as they LOVE her.

Help me out here! What do you do?


And Lastly: I want to tackle the ridiculously long Onion Meme passed on from Evil Genius Husband via Linda over at Indigo Girl but I don't have time this morning. Maybe I'll get a free second this afternoon. Or maybe I'll take a nap.

Nap. Hah! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!


*This begs the question: "Why does she keep them?" Well, I got them because this old house is like a sieve and we had a terribel time with mice. I could trap 3 a day. Since the cats arrived I've had just one or two upstairs. So one of those lazy fleabags is at least keeping the rodentia at bay. Question is, rats or fleas? Hmmmmmm ...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday #7


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Monday, July 10, 2006

Random stuff

Well ... Dad came down to visit:

OK,ok, I'm just joking. This bloke, Ron Mims, a pilot of 37 years, had engine trouble and he calmly put his Beech M35 down on I-25, right at the exit to my house! And I was right there at the motorway yesterday, albeit 4 hours earlier. Damn, I wish he'd timed that engine trouble better, lol. I'm just glad he landed safely. He's got some mad skillz!


I've already blogged about these. Well, just when I thought that we, as carbon-based life forms, couldn't get any more stupid I discover these:

A stroller. For your dog.

FOR YOUR DOG. A stroller!

As I said before, THEY HAVE LEGS, dogs do! My two year old human child hasn't sat in a stroller for 8 months! That's 'cause she can walk!


Speaking of child ...

gratuitous baby pic!

"The only known predator of the Great White Shark ..." (must say this in a Aussie accent)


OK, that's - pathetically - all I've got for ya today. I promise tomorrow's self portrait will be a doozie.

Now I have to go chainsaw some stuff.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Active ingredient

Everybody does it: looks at labels. Not just for calorie or fat or carb content, but just out of curiosity. I mean what the heck is IN Cool Whip anyway? How does the tyre inflater-in-a-can know where the hole is? How do they get instant grits do be grits ... instantly? Why can't they invent a popcorn that only produces 'old maids'?*

So we read labels.

I myself was perusing a can of Fresca for caffeine content (I'm addicted to diet coke but even I need a break sometime) when I was arrested by this tid-bit in the ingredients list: Glycerol ester of wood rosin.

Who the hell is Ester** and why is she putting wood rosin in my Fresca?!

WOOD ROSIN? OK ... wood is, like, wood, right? Like the stuff I build chicken pens out of? And rosin ...

Don't you use rosin to seal, uhm, wood to preserve it? Are my insides now sealed in a deep, glossy lacquer much like a table at an old pizza joint? Is this why I didn't get preggers months ago?

No ... wait ... That's RESIN. Rosin. Isn't that the white powdery stuff dancers dip their toes into to increase traction? (that was the best part of my ever-so-brief stint as a taker of ballet: playing in the rosin tray.) Yes, and you put it on your hands as a gymnast (short stint at that as well, me), and your bow as a cellist.

It increases friction.

So the lining of my digestive tract has a high drag coefficient thanks to my Fresca intake?

Bloomin' 'ECK!

On a lighter note, there's my bottle of Coppertone SPF8. On the back it says, helpfully: "This non-greasy formula is also hypoallogenic and non-comedogenic ..."

So ... presumably no one will laugh at me if I use it?

Man, I could've used this stuff when I was in school!

Diet Coke, by the way, is basically - boringly - just water, colour, and aspertame (or as my Dad calls it: NutraDeath). So it's just water. Dark ,sweet, v. expensive, water.

The ingredient list of my Equate brand petroleum jelly is downright comforting : "White Petrolatum"

One wonders: Is there red pertolatum? Blue? Green?***

I'd like to go on, but I couldn't work up the guts to check labels on some of the food in the fridge. I mean pressurized cheese spread? HOT DOGS? One shudders to think.

I also just got back from the sale (where I -yes - saw Ultimate Mullet Woman. Someday I will get up the 'nads to take her pic. In the meantime amuse yourself with the facsimile to the right. Just imagine the back looking like she'd styled it with ... white petrolatum) and I'm about slap wore out (as they say. Pronounced: "slap woe-out"). I swear I could go straight to bed right now but I have a truck full of stuff from the sale (including a blonde wood mission-style toddler bed) and stuff from the dump (including a pop up tent and an oak side chair) that I must go fondle ... erm, unload.

*Contrary to popular belief, an 'old maid' is NOT an unpopped kernel. It is a kernel that cracked open, but never 'popped' inside out. They taste delicious and are the best part of a bag of popcorn.

**Science geek corner: an Ester is formed by the reaction between and alcohol and an acid. Hmmmm. Jack Daniels is and alcohol and Diet Coke is acidic. Perhaps I should change my name to Ester.

***Petrolatum apparently does come in various shades of yellow/tan/amber etc.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Lethargy ... overcoming me ...

Just a quickie, 'cause absolutely nothing's been happening. I'm having a "Meh" week. It's kind of like a "Blah" week except you feel fine and are in good spirits but you can't be arsed to do anything.

I've been waking in the middle of the night (about 3) them am unable to go back to sleep, I'm tired all day, and I have absolutely no incentive to do anything. It's a lovely cool day right now and I can't get up the energy to get myself another caffeine free diet coke* much less go outside and plant my plants/work on the pantry/put up the new dog lot/etc/etc/etc (Insert one of a million things that want doing.)


(edited to add: and thirsty. I seem to be thirsty all the time. What's up with that? Tired and thirsty? Must consult Dr Google ...)

Oh, I did discover something about my teensy baby Bulk (currently upwards of 26lbs at 12 months.) He seems to be v. sensitive to insect bites. Remember this?

Well check his right ear out: (sorry the pic is so blurry ... and yes, he's filthy ... and yes, he's chewing on a pencil. What can I say? I'm a great mom. *snort*)

Little Opie? His ears are big but they're not normally THAT big! I have no idea what bit/stung him. He got up from his nap like that. I would ordinarily assume it had been a wasp or a bee, but I've noticed that when the bubs go outside to play - and everyone gets a mosquito bite or two - his bites will swell hugely and get an angry red. None of this seems to bother him much, though (as evindenced in the photo). He swipes at the itchy bites every now and then but otherwise is fine. I wonder if he'll grow out of it?

Speaking of growing, I snapped a pic of Bitty in a pensive mood:

We just watched Narnia and I was stunned at how much like my Bitty Girl that young actress who played Lucy looked. True story: I pulled up her (her name is Georgie Henley) page on IMDb and Bitty pointed at the actress's pic and said: "Bitty!" Of course she's quite a bit older than Bitty, but I'll bet pics of her at age two would be startlingly similar.

And speaking of startling ...

Evil Genius Husband is inordinately fond of mucking about with his hair and beard - trying different lengths and styles. Well he's on a new lets-grow-everything-out kick and I just had to show him off:

We call this his turn-of-the-last-century-president look! His hair's so long I have to put it up in an elastic when he does the chores (he snickeringly refers to this a 'girlifying'). I say all he needs is a Harley and some tats.

*part of my new regime with TTC - I've cut out all caffeine except my half-caff morning coffee. (no, the extreme fatigue didn't start till long after I cut out the caffeine)

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just, ya know, stuff

First, happy Fourth! Yay, America!

Everyone please be safe today.

And now on to just some random stuff:

Does this pic look weird to you?

It's an advert for one touch shopping at the Piggly Wiggly (that's a supermarket chain down here) and I swear that's a mutant hand. I mean really. First off, it's teensy. I understand that I have rather big hands for a woman, but Sweet Mother of Stan Lee ... that lady's hand is almost as narrow as her wrist. Also, I don't know about you, but my fingers curve inward toward the centre of my palm so that when I duplicate that gesture, my fingers overlay each other and slant right-to-left downward. Her fingers are perfectly straight up and down. It's creepy! Her thumb seems to be rotated awkwardly outward, too.



And this little gem was cut from a local paper. It's a wedding announcement.

Yes. Her name is that. That is her name. 'Toilet' plus 'A'. Toilet-uh. Toiletta.

On an interesting side note, I worked with a chick (same town) named LaTrina. 'Latrine' plus 'A'. Perhaps loo-related names are catching.

I also worked with a Demonica.

People will be naming their children after stuff out of HP Lovecraft or comic books here soon!

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Monday, July 03, 2006


Sweet Mother of Stan Lee, I have to go shopping today.


Number one, I hate shopping. I do. Some virulent left over Scots gene causes me to actually wince when giving my money to someone - even if it IS for groceries. I couldn't imagine handing over money to someone for crap I didn't need. Like clothes. I think this is why I love just scanning my card. It's not like money money, ya know?

If I carry cash I refuse to spend it. I do get it out and fondle it periodically though ...

I mean, uh ... forget I said that.

Good news is that Dad visited yesterday. The babies were ecstatic.

He looked good, physically, but was pinched and dark around the eyes. Someone said to me recently: "It'll take a while for him to get over this ..." Uhm, no. He'll never get over this. It will just eventually hurt a bit less.

At any rate he inspected the new fence, met my large economy sized dog, bought everyone pizza (BIG hit with the babies), and even accompanied me to the dump knowing I was going to scavenge.

He was sat primly in the truck, in his expensive sunglasses, with the AC running. I was a few dumpsters away retrieving a whole slew of brand new PVC connectors when a bloke pulled up and tossed out a few big things into the 'metal only' bin.

I peered over and caught the bright gleam of chrome and made a note to walk by and have a shufti.

Several minutes later I returned to the truck and Dad said: "Did you see what that guy threw out?"

"I saw it looked like car parts," I said and looked over at the bin, but the shiny stuff was gone.

"Damn, someone got it. It's not there anymore."


And do you know where it was gentle readers?

It was in my truck.

Yes, internets, you read it here first: upright and proper Dr. Blue's Dad scavenged something out of a dumpster!


So ... anybody need a nice set of chrome exhaust for your motorcycle? Email me, yo.**

*ok, ok, I'm exaggerating here. I'm sure my dad has done a bit of discreet scavenging in his life, but it's still fun to take the piss.
**so there's that obnoxious gesture for 'call me' (extended thumb and pinkie, held to side of face), what's the corresponding one for 'email me'? (or 'text me' or 'IM me')?

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