Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Busy week, part the second

Well, we're back from micro-holiday and we all survived. The babes all went mad on the beach: screaming, squealing, running in and out of the surf like nut-house escapees on meth. Thanks to Type-A SIL and Dr SIL our every tiny need was addressed and we got to see their incredibly lovely respective children (Cousin Ee and baby Cousin Eye).

Evil Genius Husband had only a minimally acceptable time as he hates the beach. He hates the outdoors in general (bugs, dirt, heat, et al) and we discovered that the Incredible Bulk apparently feels the same. Hopefully he'll grow out of that. Baby Bulk not EGH. He's hopeless.

We tried to visit as much as possible with FIL (which was v. hard considering we were only there two half-days), slept almost not at all in our rental cottage (cottage was charming, but upstairs renters had their young children running back and fourth back and fourth above our heads at almost midnight. I got 'em back by firing up the HMS Behemoth at 6:30 and revving that mighty example of Detroit engineering a few times before shooting off in search of coffee. They got off easy. I was up at 5am.)

After another quick jaunt to the beach with the in-laws we loaded up and headed out. I drove in almost silence as the babes, tired and salty, snoozed in the back and EGH fought sleep over a comic book and obsessively adjusted the AC vent.


"Sand, heat, salt ... and these toys suck."

Bitty loves the beach.

Wild Boy paused briefly to not-quite-smile for the camera.

The Human Crash Test Dummy has eyes the colour of the sea ... and approximately as much sand in her suit as the beach.

Bitty clowns around with Bulk's hated hat (hated by the Bulk who, at one point, actually snatched it off and hurled it as far as he could after I replaced it for the umpteenth time.)

"It's hot and sandy over here too, Mom. Can we leave now?"

And. of course, Fiver was there, though not able to experience the sand and surf:

Measuring right on schedule, heartrate 138bpm, due date March 13, 2007.

Does that look like a girl blob to you?

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At 6:59 pm, Blogger macboudica said...

I am glad (almost) everyone had a good time.

At 7:24 pm, Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

I'm sorry, Blue, but I've gotta side with EGH and Bulk - I don't like the beach, either, and I'm not really what you could call a "nature girl," so camping is pretty much out, too.

I don't like the beach because of the lack of shade - our family is white, White, WHITE. We come in two colors - white and red. White is good, red is BAAAAAD. As a consequence, we don't go to places that don't have a lot of shade.

I do, however, LOVE the beach around dusk-ish time. Beach combing is fun, especially when you come up with lots of neat shells and sea-glass. Of course, that doesn't happen much around here - New England doesn't have a whole lot of bio-diversity at the beach; we get a shite-load of grey-black mussel shells and not much else (which DOES make finding the odd piece of sea glass quite a celebratory event!).

At 10:51 am, Blogger BoDog said...

I stuck my toe on the beach and I got a diaper rash instantaneously! I could only hope that some of the sand would be pressured enough so that in a couple of days I would shit pearls! And it's hot...and I burn! I'm amazed I didn't develop radiation blisters and skin cancer over my entire body! Ugh!

When can we go to the mountains!?!

At 12:14 pm, Blogger Michele said...

Oh hello new baby!!!!

I am getting girl vibes. She is due two days after my boys b-day.

PS - Other kids - too damn cute. You are doing us a service to continue bringing babes into the world with all that damn cuteness to spread around.

At 3:50 pm, Anonymous stacey said...

Yea for Fiver! I love u/s blob babies!~

I'm with you on the beach thing Blue. Only 'round here we go to the Coast-mmmm it's been too long.
I'm planning a trip for the middle of next month tho!
I'll be stocking up on sunscreen and finding a new hat for my bald wee bouy (ha) since he's out grown his floppy sun hat.

Great pics too!

At 7:46 am, Blogger Sharpie said...

Yes absolutely a girl blob baby!! (which I love that name BTW)


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